9-4 Ladies Golf

Lynda Hart, Jana Hansen & Connie Hymas

Nine women arrived to participate in Ladies Day on Wednesday, September 4. They formed three teams and played one of the women’s favorite scrambles, Throw Mama from the Train. This is the scramble where the teams are given a free throw of the golf ball on each hole to try to improve their ball lie. Team strategy is involved in deciding where the free throw will be to their best advantage. Sometimes the strategy works and sometimes it doesn’t!

The best strategists with the best throwing arms this week were Jana Hansen, Connie Hymas and Lynda Hart who brought in a score of 32 for first place — even though one of their team members brought out her putter to hit her second shot from the corner on hole eight! It would have been a history making putt of about 140 yards – down the fairway, up the hill slope and into the hole! Maybe the team should have let her try – tehe! The second place team of Jill Kunz, Joyce Price and Leslie Talbot were only one stroke behind with 33. Cindy Raymond, Marsha Sortor and Nola Jones were only one stroke behind second with 34.

Jana Hansen demonstrated her exceptional throwing skills on hole five where she threw the ball up onto the green and rolled it right into the hole for a birdie score for her team and the Chip-In Pot for herself.