Ladies Golf

Winning team: Polly Dahlke, Leslie Talbot, Jana Hansen and Marsha Sortor.

Twelve women found it was absolutely perfect weather for playing golf on Wednesday, July 24. Early morning rain showers had cooled the air and softened the ground on the tee boxes – no hammers needed to drive in the tees today! Three teams were formed, and the women played a scramble called ONES. They played nine holes of a regular scramble; however, only the scores from holes One, Nine, Eight, Six and Seven counted for the day’s score.

Jana Hansen from the day’s winning team of Jana, Polly Dahlke, Leslie Talbot and Marsha Sortor was heard to proclaim that her team won because they brought in a score of twenty ONES (21). The second place team of Judi Naylor, Joyce Price, Linda Arnell and Lori Haddock was only ONE stroke behind with 22. The losing team of Nola Jones, Julie Haddock, Connie Hymas and Jo Wamsley explained that they had ONE heck of a time and had a three “D” kind of day – Distance, Direction, and Darn — great Distance but wrong Direction, perfect Direction with not enough Distance, and Darn we missed!

One of the women had one bit of an embarrassing moment. Attempting to be helpful, she tried to pick her team mate’s golf ball out of the hole using the ball grabber on the end of her putter. Confused as to why it wouldn’t pick up the ball, she checked her putter and found it still had her golf ball in it. ONE “duh” moment, TWO chuckles, and ONE lesson learned – golf ball grabbers only pick up ONE ball at a time — no matter how hard you try to pick up another!