Ladies Golf

Marsha Sortor, Shayla Preston, Linda Arnell & Joyce Price

Ten women met on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 for Ladies Day at Montpelier Golf Course. They divided into three teams and played a scramble called “Throw Mama from the Train”.

The women really enjoy this scramble because they get a free shot on each hole. The teams use strategy to choose a ball location where they feel they can improve the lie of their golf ball with the free shot. Now the catch is that the free shot has to be thrown — not hit with a golf club. So depending on their throwing abilities tossing Mama can be an advantage but sometimes becomes a disadvantage. One team chose to use their throws on the greens and some of those soooo soft tosses rolled, rolled, and rolled some more leaving them a longer putt that the original would have been. Pretty bad when four attempts don’t get you any closer to the hole!

One woman on each of the teams discovered she had great throwing talents as she threw Mama right into the hole for an eagle score. Polly Dahlke tossed in an eagle for her team on hole one, Jana Hansen rolled her eagle on number seven, and Shayla Preston’s eagle toss dropped into the hole on six.

The team of Shayla Preston, Joyce Price, Marsha Sortor, and Linda Arnell chose the best places to throw Mama from the Train, had the best wind-ups, and delivered the most precise throws to bring in a score of 27 and take first place. The golfing, strategy, and throwing skills of Jana Hansen, Nola Jones and Jill Kunz was almost as good; however, their score of 28 placed them in second.

This week’s thump the forehead moment: One of the women asked her three team mates, “Which team has four players today?” We won’t mention names — tehehe!