Linda Arnell, Polly Dahlke & Judi Naylor.

Linda Arnell, Polly Dahlke & Judi Naylor. Jody Wood was not available for picture.

Thirteen ladies came out to enjoy Ladies Day at the Montpelier Golf Course on Wednesday, June 12. It was a Guess and Go day. The women formed four teams, and each team had to “Guess” what they thought their score for the day would be. Once they turned their guesses into the clubhouse, they were good to “Go” play their scramble.

The three Stooges also were on the course today. The first stooge had everyone watching for her pitching wedge that had gone missing from her golf bag on Monday, the second stooge had a disappearing golf ball, and the third stooge(s) guessed their score would be 52. Stooge 1 found her pitching wedge – where you may ask – in her golf bag, right where it was supposed to be! Stooge 2 found her golf ball after the whole team looked everywhere with no luck – where? — in the ball grabber on the end of her putter! And Stooge 3, the team who guessed a score of 52, (for a scramble?? — tehehe), wondered briefly how obvious the sandbagging would be if they had 12 strokes on each of their final two holes to reach their guessed score!

The team of Judi Naylor, Polly Dahlke, Linda Arnell, and Jody Wood were spot on and hit their guessed score of 37 to take first place. The second place team of Marsha Sortor, McKenna Hyde, and Suzi Sneddon only missed their guess of 39 by one stroke bringing in a score of 40. Oh, that team that guessed 52, they took last place, but we won’t mention names!

Jill Kunz chipped in on hole 4, and Judi Naylor chipped in on hole 1 to win and share the Chip-In Pot.

Another great time (and giggles) were enjoyed by all!