Ladies GOlf 8-7

Linda Arnell, Jill Kunz and Shayla Preston

Thirteen women were feeling lucky as they arrived to enjoy Ladies’ Day on Wednesday, July 31. The day’s scramble was called Las Vegas Craps. The teams were given a dice, and each team member was given a number of 1 through 4. The teams with only three members had to rotate being the team’s fourth member. After the women hit their drive shots, their golf cart became the “pit” and the team “shooter” would roll the dice. The team then had to use the drive of the team member that matched the “pips” on the dice. Teams were “banking” on rolling the “bones” for a five or six as the team’s longest drive would be used if those numbers were rolled. After determining the drive shot that had to be used, a regular scramble was played for the rest of the hole.

Several cries of “craps” were heard along with many giggles when long drives had to be ignored, retrieved, and brought back to where short drives had to be used.

A good laugh was enjoyed by one team when one of their women hit a really nice chip shot onto the green. She was congratulated on the shot and asked to mark it. She said sure and placed her marker at the spot from where the team was shooting their chip shots. Duh – mark the ball on the green!! We don’t think she’s going to live this down for quite awhile! This same team spotted one of the women from the team in front of them trying to gain an “edge” and “load the dice” by swiping their golf ball from their “ace” shot to the green.

The “die was cast” for the team of Jill Kunz, Shayla Preston, and Linda Arnell with their score of 48, which won the first place “payoff”. With scores of 39, the team of Jo Wamsley, Nola Jones, Debra Thacker, and Lori Haddock had to split the “stacks” of second place with the team of Jana Hansen, Cindy Raymond, and McKenna Hyde.

It was a “cold table” and a “slow bleed” for the team of Marsha Sortor, Connie Hymas, and Joyce Price as they slowly and steadily made bogey after bogey after bogey on all holes which earned the team “no dice”.

Extra winnings went to McKenna Hyde and Jana Hansen for their chip-in shots on holes #1 and #4 respectively to win the Chip-In Pot.

Trivia fact: Shayla Preston was on today’s winning team. On August 7, 2013, the last time the women played this game, Shayla’s older sister Christina Preston was on the winning team. Winning Las Vegas Craps must run in the family!