There is not a much better way to spend a beautiful August morning in the Bear Lake valley than embracing the many beautiful colors around you and feeling the warmth of the sun upon you. Now add golfing with friends and you have an absolutely perfect day! On Wednesday, August 28 twelve women met for Ladies’ Day, split into three teams, and played a regular scramble. Under the umbrella of an amazingly beautiful blue sky, they inhaled the invigorating clean air and marveled at the vibrant greens of the grass and trees that surrounded them.

A score of 38 won first place for the team of Jill Kunz, Cindy Raymond, Jana Hansen, and Lynda Hart. The team of Judi Naylor, Nola Jones, Polly Dahlke, and Connie Hymas took second place with their score of 41. Chipping in on hole nine and winning the Chip-In Pot added to the exhilarating beauty of Jana Hansen’s day.

Lesson learned today — Always check your own hands before you ask if someone picked up your golf ball. It’s so embarrassing to ask and find that you’re holding the ball – right Polly???

Joyce Price, Nola Jones, Connie Hymas, Judi Naylor, Marsha Sortor, Polly Dahlke, and Linda Arnell recently completed participation in a tournament called “Trouble”. Each of the women received six poker chips and had to golf against each of the other six women. During their individual competitions, the women received a point each time they got in trouble on the course as follows: 1 point for landing in the rough, 1 point for hitting a sand trap, 1 point for hitting and/or landing under a tree or bush, 1 point for three or more putts, and 2 points for a whiff. After tallying the points for their round, the woman with the fewest trouble points was the winner and received a chip from the other woman. If there was a tie, both women kept their chips. At the end of the tournament, the woman with the most toys – oh sorry, poker chips – wins! Judi Naylor demonstrated the importance of staying out of trouble by getting the fewest points on all of her rounds, never losing a match, and winning a chip from all six of the other women. The highest number of trouble points she ever got was four, and she even won one of her matches with a score of zero points to her opponent’s nine points. Judi ended with 12 chips and won the tournament. Way to go Judi!! Congratulations on your win!! Connie Hymas lost one match (to Judi), tied two matches and won three matches to end with 8 chips and take second place. The women enjoyed this really fun tournament, and we thank McKenna Hyde and Linda Arnell for coming up with it and the rules.