7-1 Ladies Golf

McKenna Hyde, Polly Dahlke, Brenda Messerly and Joyce Price

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After rain storms cancelled Ladies Day on June 17, beautiful blue skies were a perfect canopy for Ladies day on June 24. Sixteen women were excited to be able to golf together again, and we were thrilled to welcome two newcomers, Brenda Messerly and Taryn Crane, to the group.

The women split into four teams of four and played one of their favorite and most entertaining scrambles, Throw Mama from the Train! In this scramble the teams are given one free throw of the golf ball on each hole. As a team they decide where it will be to their best advantage to use the free throw to improve the lie of their ball. Some of the throws are side-splitting hilarious! Other throws are dead on in accuracy as McKenna Hyde and Lynda Hart demonstrated by tossing the ball from off the green into the hole for chip-in shots for their team (and a share of the Chip-In-Pot) on holes four and two respectively. One team discovered that even the best strategy can backfire. They decided they were too far from the green to “throw mama” and would chip on before using their free throw. After their four chips went astray, they decided to just try “throwing mama” from the same spot to see if they could have made it. To their dismay the first throw landed within inches of the hole – too late! Their free throw got them closer than their chip shots but not close enough – BOGEY!

When the day’s strategizing and giggling came to an end, the team of Polly Dahlke, Brenda Messerly, Joyce Price and McKenna Hyde brought in a very serious score of 27, which made them the leaders and the engine of Mama’s Train. Do you suppose it helped having a golf coach and a softball coach on the same team for this scramble – just asking! Tehehe! A score of 29 coupled the team of Marsha Sortor, Jodi Wood, Lynda Hart, and Karen Poulsen into second position. Nola Jones, Connie Hymas, Suzi Sneddon and Linda Arnell linked in at third with their score of 32, and the caboose of Mama’s train was Jill Kunz, Jana Hansen, Taryn Crane and Cindy Raymond with a 33.

We again invite all women golfers to come join the fun on Wednesday mornings at 9:30!

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