“Oh, what a beautiful morning, Oh, what a beautiful day” for the fourteen women who met to play Ladies Day golf on Wednesday, July 3. A little business was conducted before beginning the day’s golf in regards to the upcoming Trouble Tournament which begins this week and the Invitational Fun Day which will be held on July 17 with women from Afton and Bear Lake West joining us for the day. The women then drew colored tees, to form two teams of four and two teams of three for the day’s competition – the “Orange Ball” scramble.

In the “Orange Ball” scramble the teams keep two scores. One of the scores is a regular golf score as the team members rotate playing regular golf with the dreaded orange ball. The second score is for the rest of the team as they play a scramble. The teams of three rotated taking an extra shot for the missing player. At the end of play, the two scores are added together for the team’s score. Why we let such a pretty ball get into our heads is a puzzler, but we do. The women dread their turn playing the orange ball and have a tendency to talk to it and ask for a little magic (or mercy) when it’s their turn to play it. Sometimes the magic happens like when one of the women had an important phone call come in after she hit a pretty nice drive with the orange ball. She put her call on speaker, set the phone on the grass just in front of her ball, and continued to talk as she hit probably her best shot of the day which landed just in front of the green. Meanwhile, there was no magic or mercy for another woman when she used the hole’s three par shots digging holes trying to get the orange ball out of the sand trap – maybe she should have tried putting her cell phone on the edge of the sand trap!!!

When the scores were tallied Judi Naylor, Joyce Price, Suzi Sneddon, and Marsha Sortor’s team along with the team of Shayla Preston, Cindy Raymond and McKenna Hyde tied with scores of 89 and were declared the best players of the “Orange Ball.”

There was a Chip-In extravaganza today as five of the women did find a little magic in their chip shots. Polly Dahlke and Jody Wood each found the hole from off the green on hole six; while elsewhere on the course, chip shots dropped for Linda Arnell on hole four, Judi Naylor on hole seven, and Connie Hymas on hole one. We do love hearing the exuberant squeals of delight drift across the course when those chip shot drop into the cup!