Ladies Golf

Winning team picture: Connie Hymas, Polly Dahlke, Cyndie Birch (Nola Jones not pictured)

Is that Fall we feel in the air? Can’t be, summer just got here! However, there was a bit of a nip in the morning air, along with a chance of rain showers, as fourteen women gathered for Ladies Day on Wednesday, August 7. The women formed four teams for the day’s Odds Scramble. A regular scramble was played, but only the scores from the odd holes of one, three, five, seven, and nine counted for the day’s score.

At the conclusion of play, the day’s consensus was: Isn’t it Odd that you play the even holes better when only the odds count? Oddly enough, the winning team of Polly Dahlke, Connie Hymas, Nola Jones, and Cyndie Birch bogeyed hole one, their first hole and an odd hole, but rallied with a birdie on hole seven and got pars on holes three, five, and nine to bring in a score of 20, which is par for the odd holes. The team of Lori Haddock, Jo Wamsley, and Debra Thacker were at odds with the two holes they bogeyed amongst their pars and brought in a score of 22 to snatch second place. The other two teams bogeyed three of the five holes and ended the day with odd scores of 23.

Did you see where my golf ball went? A question asked today after one of the women placed her tee in the ground, lined up, prepared for her swing, swung her driver with great precision, but forgot to put her golf ball on the tee. Seriously? Yep, that was our Odd happening of the day! Oh, the fun we have!