Ladies Golf 9-23-19

Jana Hansen, Joyce Price & Leslie Talbot

Nine women gathered for this season’s final Ladies Day on Wednesday, September 25; however, the women will continue to meet and golf on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 a.m. as long as the weather holds and the course is open.

The women formed three teams to play a regular scramble, but the women wanted to play “Throw Mama from the Train” one more time, so we threw Jana – I mean Mama. The women always have a fun time with this scramble, except for Nola Jones. She can’t seem to throw a straight golf ball no matter how hard she tries (her words – not mine).

The team of Jana Hansen, Leslie Talbot, and Joyce Price chose the best spots to use their free throws of the golf ball and had the best throwing arms. They came in with a score of 33 to take first place for the day. Nola Jones was happy to have straight throwing team mates Marsha Sortor and Linda Arnell on her team to take second with their score of 35.

It seems like the summer flew by, and we are sad to say goodbye to our Ladies Day gatherings. The women want to thank Jennie and Richard Slivinski for taking such good care of us again this year. The golf course was beautiful all summer, and we really appreciate the hard work that they and their staff devoted to keeping it in such great shape. We have enjoyed our friendships, our laughs, our parr-tees, our tweedily tweet tweet birdies, and even our boogey babe days. I personally want to thank all the women for being such good sports about my sharing some of our “Duh” moments this year.

Hasta la vista , Tchau, Pa, Adieu, Arrivederci, Vi ses , Bis dann, Ha det så bra dear friends! Have a happy and healthy winter, and we’ll Tot wederom!

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