Ladies Golf

McKenna Hyde, Joyce Price and Jill Kunz

Golf clubs were a lot lighter as fifteen women prepared to play Ladies Day golf on Wednesday, June 20, because they had to choose only three clubs to go with their putter for the day’s scramble. Decisions, decisions, decisions! It’s tough to select only three clubs! So hard was the choice of clubs for one of the women, that as she prepared to tee off, she looked down and discovered that she had forgotten to put on her golf shoes!

Club choices made by the women called for some improvising on their parts as the club they would normally use for a shot was not one of their chosen companions for the day – who would have thought that a #5 hybrid could be a perfect pitching wedge! Each woman, at some point wished she had brought a different club; however, some discovered a normally unused club worked awesome for an unlikely shot. One team was “All Shook Up” to learn they had a golf ball bully among them, “Mm mm oh, oh, yeah, yeah!” The terms of endearment used for her golf ball (and theirs) would change depending on the quality of the shot. However, Cindy, is having your golf ball called a doofus really a good reason to sit on Judi’s oxygen hose? Good thing it was all in fun!

The team of McKenna Hyde, Jill Kunz, and Joyce Price were thrilled to find that the three clubs they chose and questioned during play, helped them to bring in the day’s winning score of 38. The second place team of Pat Miller, Polly Dahlke, Shayla Preston, and Suzi Sneddon was only one stroke behind with their score of 39. The other two teams weren’t far behind with scores of 41 and 42.

Three women made good investments as their quarter participation fee for the Chip-In Pot got them back their quarter along with a dollar profit. The money hole for Jill Kunz was hole four while hole eight held the winning chip-ins for Pat Miller and Polly Dahlke. Oh, as a closing note, you can golf in slip-on slippers!