Lady Panthers

Demi Harmon and Rylee Teichert stuff the competition

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The Cokeville Tournament of Champions had a little different look this year. Due to new regulations during this pandemic what has traditionally been a two day tournament at CHS, became a split tournament at CHS and Star Valley High School. Friday, August 28, teams competing at Cokeville High School included: Cokeville, Bear Lake, Mountain View, Evanston and Green River. The Lady Panthers competed against the Lady Bears of Bear Lake for their first set. The Lady Panthers defeated the Lady Bears in three games. Their next opponents were the Lady Wolves of Green River. The Lady Panthers were again success in defeating the Lady Wolves in three games. Their final set of the night was against the Lady Red Devils of Evanston. These two teams were very evenly matched with multiple lead changes throughout each game. This was a thriller for those watching as it was the only set to go all five games for the Lady Panthers. The Lady Panthers took control in the fifth and came away with the huge win.

Congratulations Lady Panthers!

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