Four words describing why I am running for a seat on Paris City Council: unity, involvement, preservation, and listening.

Unity: When the pioneers settled the valley, they were united in building a new settlement and worked together to make it happen. They needed each other. They shared their skills and talents to build their communities. When people are valued and appreciated for their part in making their communities better, unity is achieved.

Involvement: I am running because it is my responsibility to take my turn in being a responsible citizen. I have an interest in working to make our community better. I would like to see the youth involved in what happened in the community. From doing service projects, to helping to make decisions and presenting ideas, the youth of a community are needed.

Preservation: Paris has had over 91 historic sites on the National Register. The city of Paris has been registered as a National Historical City since 1988. Old buildings matter because they are the identity of a community. Old buildings tell the story and history of a community. They tell how the community was built and what kinds of people helped to build it. Preserving the past for future generations in important to the future of Paris.

Listening: It takes listening to understand each other. If you listen, you can agree to disagree. Listening can be achieved by holding town meetings, social events, or by communicating through a website. We understand and find solution can build a better a better community. By listening we can see the needs and desires of the citizens. Working together we can make things happen.

By unity we can make things better.

By involvement we can contribute our talents for the benefit of all.

By preservation we can protect our assets for future generations. By listening we can better understand and solve problems.

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