Laurie and Ray Wallentine

Ray and Laurie Wallentine

The Bear Lake County Library will hold an open house to honor Laurie Wallentine on Sept. 18, 2019, from 12 a.m. to 2 p.m. The public is invited to come to the new pergola on the library lawn to enjoy refreshments and to give Laurie their best wishes. After 43 years of faithful service, Laurie has retired.

Laurie was born in Pocatello, Ida., on Sept. 23, 1957. As a child, she lived in several places, including Pocatello, Arco, Leslie, and Las Vegas, Nev. In 1974, her father bought the hardware store in Montpelier, and Laurie has lived here ever since that time. Laurie began working at the library in August of 1976 after graduating from Bear Lake High School. She and Ray Wallentine were married in December of 1982.

There have been many changes to the library in the past 43 years. Vivienne Dimick was the librarian and the basement of the library building housed the Family History Center. Books had pockets with cards that needed to be stamped. In 2000, the downstairs children’s library was completed and thousands of books were added to the library collection.

Laurie especially enjoyed helping children. Through the years, she worked with Vicky Clark, Lana Christiansen, and Jennifer Wells during Story-Hour at the library.

If a patron couldn’t remember the title or the author of a book but vaguely remembered the story or the picture on the cover, Laurie could find that book! She was a walking, talking card catalogue. Laurie likes to read many different kinds of books: biographies, church history, family history, and historical fiction. She said, “I’m always reading different books.”

She misses the friendly people at the library. When patrons saw her cleaning the windows or dusting the book shelves, they would often say, “I wish you could come to my house and clean.” Laurie was a diligent worker. She always made the book shelves neat and orderly.

When asked about her plans for retirement, she said she’d like to take a cruise and go visit her family in Reno and Las Vegas. There’s always plenty to do at home, too.

We hope people will join the library in thanking Laurie for her years of service at our farewell celebration.

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