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I read with interest the Commissioner’s report, found in the June 30th Examiner, that they unanimously supported to apply for funding to pave the east shore road. I am assuming that means the east shore of mud lake since the comment was made it would allow an ambulance to take a shorter route to the hospital in an emergency.

I took a little drive right after reading that and this is what I found. On the gravel road between Dingle and North beach there are 9 blind corners, 2 blind hills, 2 sections of road that are very narrow with not much room for 2 passenger cars to pass. Springs on the east side of the road and wetlands on the west side in these narrow sections. Wetlands within yards of the road in many sections.

Then going from the gravel road through Dingle to Highway 30 you have 2 blind 90-degree corners, 2 sweeping 90-degree corners, a busy cement company and a busy railroad crossing. With the railroad increasing train lengths causing more time spent at the crossing waiting for these long trains. This road is paved and our county road and bridge dept. do the best they can to maintain it but it is narrow with no shoulders. Several sections of this road you could not safely pull over for an emergency vehicle. There is not enough roadway to do any striping for safety. As the recreation increases on the lake, we are seeing this road used more heavily each summer. The speeds have increased and the amount of times we get pushed off the Dingle road at these bad corners also increases. Our County road and bridge have been working for weeks to repair the broken-up edges of the Dingle road just so that it can chip sealed this summer. Still not making it wide enough to travel faster than 35 to 45 mph. Is this promoting faster and safer travel for EMS vehicles?

Is paving the east shore road going to make Emergency vehicles get to the lake faster and safer or is it only going to promote increased travel at higher rates of speed for the recreationist going to Bear Lake? Is the new paved road going to really be paved or is it going to get fresh asphalt rolled out and compacted to be broken up in future years to frost heaves and heavy use? Commissioner’s, if you’re going to apply for a grant for this project then lets do it right and improve/widen the road from North Beach to Highway 30 to make it safer for all or don’t do it at all!

Mark Ipsen

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