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Dear Bear Lake County,

As a Grandparent living in Dingle, I love the peace and cowboy country this place provides for my family, when they come and visit us. An incident happened yesterday that confirmed my feelings for living here. My Grandchildren were biking to the Dingle Park and a large domestic dog came out of its yard, crossed the street, and attacked our 6 year old granddaughter. First biting her behind, then back, leaving a puncture wound on buttocks and red teeth marks on her shoulder. I’m 73 years old and have seen how animals take down prey and finish them. If the passing “cowboys“ had not stopped and beat the dog off with shovels, her neck was next. I personally thank God for those boys, or it would have been a tragedy for the family and whole community. I lived in California for a while and have seen and heard of witnesses who stand by and fear to help as something like this happens. I am a Vietnam era Veteran and I salute you, whoever you were. I wasn’t there and can’t be there at all times. May we all be ready to help when there is a need. Also my thanks to the Dingle and Bear Lake Community. Bill and Diane Wellisch

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