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Dear Editor -

What has happened to our small community of the valley? The place of kindness, freedom, and lending a helping hand to our neighbors? Where have these things vanished to?

Two weekends in a row, Homecoming Weekend and again on Friday night, our rights to freedom and privacy were destroyed by individuals who had different views than myself.

We all have the right to display our choices of political banners and flags on our own piece of land.

I don't ask that you agree or disagree with my choice, and I didn't think in our home town of Montpelier there were mean or downright evil people who would wait until the late hours of night to trespass in my yard, steal my political flag, and by doing so, destroy my vinyl fence, breaking it to steal the flag - not once but to return again and take my second flag only nine hours after hanging it.

This time my fence was broken again, leaving three pieces laying on the ground, and coming back again to take the broken panels of the fence. Why? What was the purpose?

My rights to my choice of whom I feel will help our country heal and come together again was shattered by these mean, cruel, and insensitive persons.

My choice still remains the same, so there will be no more flags at my home and you certainly can't steal and destroy my choice. This is my freedom.

Roger and Sandi Grunig

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