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Why are commissioners disregarding constituents and needlessly spending more than $200K of taxpayer dollars to destroy your Historic Courthouse?{/span}

Members of Friends United for Bear Lake (FUBL) were on the Commissioner’s agenda for the 17th time on February 8th , attempting to save the Historic Bear Lake County Courthouse from demolition.

FUBL read more letters of support into the record. They again asked for an opportunity to hold a roundtable with commissioners, the public and professionals to arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement to protect the County, taxpayers and the historic building. Commissioners smiled and thanked the presenters. They answered no questions.

Commissioners continue to say that no viable plan has been presented to them. They steadily proceed with demolition plans. This is not being transparent with the public, respectful of their constituents, nor fiscally responsible.

Commissioners requested a letter of demolition support from the City of Paris. The City expressed concern that the building would fall into disrepair, causing liability issues for them. City and County officials know this would not be the case with an insured County-owned property.

If leaders are truly concerned about “potential” future costs, why won’t they give FUBL the opportunity to save taxpayers more than $200,000 now?

The City’s letter is the only documentation Commissioners have produced in favor of demolition. FUBL has documented more than 1,000 instances of support through petition signatures, volunteers, professional services, letters, Facebook followers & posts, emails, presenters and participants in a public Zoom forum. They have raised $13K donations so far.

The Commissioners should be required to respond to FUBL’s documented questions about this project. FUBL hopes more community members will make themselves heard ASAP!

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