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I am a past resident of Montpelier, and between still owning real estate here and having family still here, both on my wife’s side and mine, we make frequent trips to Montpelier. I have always enjoyed going to Hunsaker’s Chevron in the mornings to meet up with the local friends who regularly go there in the mornings to have coffee and visit.

I had the occasion to do so again last weekend only to find hardly anyone was there, which later I was told was because that particular group of people was told they were no longer welcome there by Todd Hunsaker.

I had always made it a point to fill up there for my return trips home and gas while visiting Montpelier, but I guess my business is not wanted there either!

I find it extremely difficult to understand Mr. Hunsaker’s reasoning, having been in business myself. As a previous business owner, I always welcomed having vehicles parked at my place of business. It was like hanging a sign that said to passers-by that this was a business that was frequented by locals and must be busy for good reason!

And likewise to those passing through your community, to pass a business with no vehicles out front is a signal that they cannot even draw their own local business, and again logically there must be a good reason not to do business there.

I will honor Mr. Hunsaker’s wishes and do my purchases elsewhere!

Melvin Payne

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