I just wanted to thank Valerie Hayes and the News Examiner for the article featuring me. It has been so nice getting congratulations, well wishes and praise from all kinds of people around town who read the article. Positive feedback is always nice, and I appreciate everyone that has taken the time to stop and share their thoughts with me.

With all humility, I must say what I really hope comes out of the article is a better understanding that the myth “once an addict, always an addict” is shown to be just hat — a myth! It is very important that not only the still suffering addict realize this but that the public in general gain better understanding that recovery really is possible. Changing hearts and minds about this is very important to me and that is part of why I was willing to do the work. Not for myself, but for those who will come after me and for those who are on the journey to recovery now.

I also feel that I left one very important part out of my interview. I would like to highlight it here. There have been so many people and organizations who have helped make my recovery possible. When it comes to me getting my master’s degree, I must give a great big thanks and shout-out to Bear Lake Memorial Hospital. In keeping with their “grow your own” philosophy; as an employee I was able to apply for and receive a scholarship from the hospital which covered 75 percent of my tuition. This is just another example of what makes our hospital such an asset to out community. Their willingness to see my further education of value to me and this community is something I am grateful for and proud of.


Wayne Brown

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