Just a brief reminder that the Lincoln Conservation District (LCD) is offering seedling trees and shrubs for sale this spring until mid-April as a public service for those needing large quantities of stock for conservation type plantings. Seedling stock comes in lots of 30 small tube trees, lots of 50 trees in trays, lots of 25 bare root trees and some extra-large and tall potted trees and shrubs sold individually. The LCD offers this program each year to stimulate interest and help cooperators plant farmstead windbreaks and field windbreaks and field shelter belts.

Order forms may be obtained at the LCD Field Office, Cokeville Town Hall, Room No. 1. Please phone the LCD office number (307) 279 3256 ext. 4 if you have questions or need an order form sent to you. Remember to order quickly, some species are already out of stock. There are two great times to plant trees: the first was 20 years ago, the other is now.

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