The Bear Lake School District recently received a generous donation from one of our local business owners, Mr. Jerry Gundersen. A good education is the greatest asset we can give our young people as they prepare for life after graduation. It is inspiring to see community members donating to the futures of our students by contributing funds and other resources to our schools.

Mr. Gundersen, the owner of Gundersen Ace Hardware donated a forklift to the Bear Lake High School. When asked why he provided such a generous gift, he had this to say: “I know how valuable and helpful a piece of equipment like that can be and I knew it would be useful for the school shop program.”

The equipment has many uses, the majority of which is in the auto mechanic, welding and wood shop departments at the high school. Mr. Kevin Wells, the Bear Lake High School Agricultural Education teacher conveyed how the forklift has enhanced efficiency by aiding in tasks such as loading scrap metal for the auto mechanic program and unloading soil for the school greenhouses. Previously, tasks like these were completed by hand. By having this piece of equipment, the safety of the teachers and students has also improved greatly. Mr. Wells went on to say, “[We] really appreciate all the support from Gundersen’s, especially for this donation. The equipment is well used and appreciated.”

The Director of the Bear Lake Education Foundation, Mr.Rod Jacobson worked closely with Mr. Gundersen on the donation to the high school. Mr. Jacobson and the Bear Lake Education Foundation know how valuable a quality education is and they are working diligently to bring more resources to our school district. Mr. Jacobson expressed his deep gratitude to Mr. Gundersen for his donation and hopes those in our community will follow his example in donating to our local school system.

Those of us in the Bear Lake School District would like to thank Mr. Gundersen for his generous donation. We are so grateful for his contribution and the impact it has on our students’ education.

If you would like to make a donation to the Bear Lake School District,, please visit us at blefgives.01 .

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