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Salmon swim 850 miles from the Pacific Ocean to their spawning grounds in Idaho. Outdoor journalist Kris Millgate documents this epic journey in Ocean to Idaho, premiering Tuesday, Aug. 31, at 8 PM on Idaho Public Television.

Millgate, based in Idaho Falls, followed salmon migration on a solo trek from Oregon’s coast through Washington’s fields to Idaho’s wilderness during the pandemic. She documented the helps and hurdles these diminishing fish face as they migrate home to turn their crib into their grave.

See every mile of the remarkable journey and hear the wide range of perspectives involved in the salmon saga that’s currently challenging the Pacific Northwest. From farmers and fishers to dam builders and dam breakers, this half-hour special swims against the current through four rivers across three states with dying but resilient wildlife.

What happened in front of Millgate’s cameras appears in the film. What happened behind Millgate’s cameras is revealed in her most recent book, My Place Among Fish. As a companion to the film, the book reveals the story of how one woman chased salmon migration from the ocean to Idaho. And, just like the fish, she fell apart along the way.

“Broken camera, bruises, stitches and skin cancer. I wasn’t expecting any of that. I was as worn out as the fish by the time we made it to mile 850,” says Millgate, a journalist for 25 years. “I collected 25 hours of footage then had to cut that down to a 26-minute show. It was like trying to shove the stepsister’s foot into Cinderella’s slipper because every salmon shot is astounding.”

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