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In January, the Montpelier and Soda Springs Districts will apply for grants to the State of Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) for the 2021 field season. IDPR provides a variety of funding programs and grants to government entities in Idaho for the enhancement of off highway vehicle and other recreational opportunities.

The state programs are primarily funded from off highway vehicle registration and state gas tax revenue. This year the two districts will be able to apply to the OVH, RV, and RTP funds for:

- Replace old flush toilets in St. Charles Lower and Paris Springs Campgrounds with new vault toilets.

- Squaw Creek Trail enhancement- reconstruct a section of Squaw Creek Trail that is unsafe for travel.

- Crow Creek/Pruess Connector- Reestablish and maintain the Crow Creek and Pruess Creek trail including rebuilding and enhancing the connector.

If you have any questions or would like to comment about these projects, please contact Dell Transtrum at 208-847-8939 or James Vawser at 208-547-1111.

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