MAVERIK Dewunited States winner

Brad and Tracy Schaffer were the luck winners of the Maverik “Dewnited States Jeep and Gladiator Rubicon and Winnebago Camper.”

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How many times have you entered a contest or bought a raffle ticket, thinking,” I will never win.” That was what Brad Schaffer thought when he entered Maverik’s contest for the DEWnited States Jeep Gladiator Rubicon and Winnebago Camper!

Brad had some points on his Maverik card and was going to buy a gas card. The ap kept telling him he didn’t have enough points. Brad just decided to enter the contest for the Jeep and Trailer.

He didn’t give it another thought until Tracy, his wife, told him they got an email saying they had won the contest. They were sure it was a scam. They got some more emails, and then when the Maverik Facebook page said Congratulations to Brad S. from Montpelier, ID. Ok, maybe this is real. A few days later, the Schaffer’s received a phone call. The person on the phone told them to call Maverik and ask them if this was real. When the Schaffer’s called, it was real.

A first, they were told they would receive the prize around Oct. 14. Then they got a call and said to be at the Maverik on Sept. 30 at 1 p.m. They were excited, but that morning they received another call telling them on Oct. 7, not that day.

Again, they wondered if this was going to be the real deal.

On the 7th, they got ready and showed up at the Maverik and sure enough. There was a small crowd of people and the DEWnited States Jeep Gladiator Rubicon and Winnebago Camper.

The Maverick crew was getting set up and talked to Brad about winning. The crew made sure Brad and his family had some their favorite type of Mountain Dew.

When Brad was asked where the first place he was going to take it, he said, “Home.”

He was right.

This was a big year for the Schaffer’s. Brad retired in August from Itafos after 43 years. Then he won this fun prize.

They had fun seeing the Jeep and then getting to tour the trailer. With a prize of around Seventy Thousand Dollars, this was Schaffer’s lucky day. The Jeep had lots of fun, Maverik swag as well.

The moral of the story is, never say never, when it comes to being the lucky one when you enter that next contest.

Have fun with your new prize.

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