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Recently, Wayne Brown brought several boxes of photographs and negatives into the News Examiner that were from Bobby Brown’s photography studio. They are old photographs that may have been ordered and never picked up, and there are literally hundreds of them!

These photographs are going to be cataloged, to a certain extent, and made ready for anyone who is interested in coming in to the News Examiner and taking a look. Maybe there is a picture of you! Maybe there is a picture of your family or one of your ancestors! Some of them seem to be quite old, so you never know.

It might be interesting to take a peek and see what you find. So, come in and rifle through these amazing pictures at your leisure. You may just find a treasure!

Do any of the four pictures above look like part of your family? Do they look like they could belong to you or someone in your ancestry? If so, come in and take a look at them and claim a copy. While you’re here, maybe you could look through the other myriad of pictures we have and see if others fit with your family history.

Also, if you have old family pictures at your home, bring them into our office and we will copy them and put them in our digital catalog of pictures. That way we will have a copy and a record of them for our files. We would like to keep a catalog for history’s sake that people down the line could come in and look at and print a copy for their own use.

A great example are the wonderful pictures that have been posted on the “You Know You’re From Bear Lake Id/Ut If.....” Facebook page. They are pictures that could be brought into the News Examiner and scanned to be placed and cataloged in our digital archives. (We are especially interested, at this time, in pictures of old businesses on Washington Street). They are fantastic photos of people and places from Bear Lake’s history with stories attached to them that should be remembered. Once they are here in our archives, anyone could come in and browse through them, print a copy, and take them home for their own use.

We have always had a great archive of past newspaper articles here at the News-Examiner, and we have some old photographs as well. But, it would be great to add to our digital archive with pictures that past and present residents of Bear Lake have in their own albums and records. There is nothing like old photos to tell a story and record events that took place in history.

So, help us make our digital picture archive the best it can be. Come in and go through the pictures Wayne Brown brought in from Bobby Brown’s photography studio, take a look at the four pictures in this article and see if any of them are from your own family history, and bring in any old pictures from your own collection to be placed in our digital archives.

When all is said and done, with your help, we will have a comprehensive cataloged digital archive of photographs here at the News-Examiner that will be useful for many years to come.

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