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Dear Editor,

I would like to see every veteran buried in the Montpelier Cemetery with a flag on their grave.

Every year I go up and see less and less flags at the cemetery. If it weren’t for the veterans we wouldn’t be free. All the other towns, like Pocatello or even Soda Springs, when you go to the cemetery on Memorial Day, you can barely see the headstones for the all the flags. Here it isn’t even acknowledged and I don’t know why. I would like to see if any relative or any friend or anybody that someone knows, or even if you don’t know them, to go buy a flag and find the veterans and put them on the headstones. Let’s finally acknowledge the veterans of Bear Lake Valley.

For the last two years I talked to Don Johnson who was in charge, and he was content with just having flags up in the circle and not putting them on each one of the headstones. Yes, that acknowledges them, but there are so many people who walk around looking at not necessarily their own headstones, but a lot of people who are buried there. If they walk around and see someone who was in the military they could honor and appreciate them.

I am a veteran of Vietnam, and I have seven pieces of metal in my right hip. I am disappointed that fellow comrades aren’t getting acknowledged. What is wrong with Montpelier? I would like to drive up the road this year to the cemetery and see red, white, and blue all over on the ground. Even if you don’t know anyone, go buy a flag or three and walk around and if you see a veteran’s headstone put one on it. If people did that and saw the number of vets that are there, they would get a warm feeling in their hearts that there are so many who served to give us our privileges.

I have five flags that I put up there every year. Nothing hits me more than a flag. If I could get a thousand flags I would put two flags on every veteran’s grave up there.

That pretty well sums it up. Let people know that Montpelier cares about their veterans to the visitors who come here.

Terry Allred

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