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Board members of the Montpelier Community Foundation met at city hall on Wednesday, January 8 for their monthly board meeting. In attendance were Leslie Tueller, Steve Allred, Michelle Higley, outgoing member Charles Horikami, and new board member John Lusk. Jared Farmer and Shane Johnson were excused due to being out town.

Currently foundation board members Johnson and Allred also serve as Montpelier City council members. With the election of Charles Horikami to the city council, Horikami stepped down from the foundation at the board meeting so that there would not be a conflict with having three council members on the foundation board. Horikami was later that night sworn in as a city council member at the Montpelier city council meeting.

Replacing Horikami on the foundation board is John Lusk who is dedicated to see many enhancements in Montpelier to better the community. The foundation board members expressed appreciation to the work that Horikami provided to the community and are excited to see his efforts in serving as a Montpelier city council member.

The board discussed continued discussions for reinvigorating downtown Montpelier. Board members mentioned the exciting news of the recent renovation to Dan’s Drive In and the recent purchase of an unused building by Radek Konarik next to Insurance Designers. Konarik is planning on improving the exterior facade and use the interior for storage at the current time. He is looking for paid laborers to help him clean out the interior.

Lusk was asked to conduct the downtown building inventory review with the help of Montpelier police chief Russ Roper to see how the foundation can help building owners improve, sell or donate unused or buildings needing repair.

Current projects discussed continue to be the renovation of the downtown Lions Club Park that has been donated to the city and pursuing water filling stations that might be able to be constructed using the high school’s 3D printer that they will receive in the next few months. As a teacher at Bear Lake High School, Horikami has been successful in receiving a grant for the specialized printer and is excited to begin work with his students in creating useful and educational projects

Fundraising and grants will be pursued once budgets for various improvement projects are fully planned. Community members wishing to donate time or money to foundation projects may contact any board member.

The next board meeting will be held Wednesday, February 19 at city hall at 6:00 pm immediately prior to the regularly scheduled Montpelier city council meeting. The public and volunteers are welcome to attend and participate.

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