Paris City Council

Paris City Council left to right: Mayor Brad Wilks, council members Connar Lutz, Dana Jacbosen, Kelly Jensen and Jeanna Matthews.

Paris City Council held its regular council meeting on Jan. 7. All council members were present. Mayor Brent Lewis was not in attendance due to health issues.

After the regular business of the meeting, the council attended to the agenda items. Dave Matthews, City Clerk, swore in Brad Wilks as the new Paris City Mayor.

Matthews then swore in the new and returning council members. The members swore in were Connar Lutz, Jeanna Matthews, and Kelly Jensen, returning council members.

The next item of business was to elect the Council President. The motion was made to appoint Dana Jacobsen, and the council approved the motion.

Gary Teuscher was present to review the results of the 2019 Budget. The City is doing what it needs to do, and the audit was favorable, with no concerns.

Bloomington Mayor has requested the contact names and numbers for the City worker and council members in case of a water emergency. The Council reviewed the names, and Mayor Wilks will provide this information to Bloomington City.

The Council then gave their reports, with the first member being Jeanna Matthews. Jeanna asked if the newest plots at the City Cemetery had been marked. Dave Matthews reported that they were marked on the maps, but the physical marks were not present at this time. The physical marking would take place in the spring. There is one row of plots that won’t be used due to the water line going through them.

Kelly Jensen was next to, and he wanted to commend the city workers on the excellent job they are doing on snow removal. They started early in the day, and Jensen felt they should be able to leave when their regular shift was finished. The rest of the council and the Mayor also felt this way.

Dana Jacobsen was; next, she asked to be placed on the agenda in regards to Open Public Meeting regulations. She was also impressed with the snow removal.

Connar Lutz was next. He asked that the road that goes to his haystack be plowed. This road is in the city limits. Mayor Wilks agreed this should be done.

Mayor Wilks reported that Calleen Humphreys is still willing to be over the Fourth of July Breakfast. The Mayor asked one of the council members to check with Michelle Humphries to see if she wanted to still be in charge of the parade. If not, they need to find someone else to do this.

There was also discussion on the problem up Paris Canyon by the Old Pioneer Ditch and how there needs to be some work done to this will not continue to flood that area there.

The Mayor asked the council if they felt that the sanding on the city street was adequate. They thought that it was.

There is still a street light out by Todd Michael’s home. They will mark the pole so it can be repaired.

Mayor Wilks would like to see all of the City Equipment be given a number and a log kept for the maintenance.

The council discussed the fact that currently, Dave Matthews is the only one with the necessary certification to take the water samples that the State requires. The council will talk to the city workers about getting certified to be able to do this. They also discussed who they could use for backup until one of the city workers could get the necessary credentials.

The council then went into an executive session. No decisions will be made after the session.

After the executive session, the meeting was adjourned.

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