Brandon Durst

Brandon Durst

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Name: Branden Durst

Position Running For: State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Hometown: Unincorporated Ada County

Age: 42

Professional Or Personal Background : My name is Branden Durst and I am a Christian, husband, father of five and the conservative for state superintendent. Professionally, I have been a small business owner, child custody mediator, community college instructor, curriculum developer, licensed pastor and more. I also served in the legislature in both the House and the Senate, including service on the education committees in both chambers. Academically, I earned a bachelor of arts in political science and a master of public administration in public policy. I’ll earn an education specialist degree in executive educational leadership in May.

Why Are You Running For Office: We must trust parents again.

This race boils down to two competing visions for the future of Idaho’s schools. One vision is that of education insiders who believe we should double-down on a system that isn’t meeting the needs of many parents and children. My vision, in contrast, is that of an education outsider who believes parents must be put back in the driver’s seat of their children’s education. Government should get out of the way and let parents lead their children’s education as God intended. I am running to put parents back in charge.

In Your View What Is The Biggest Issue In The Race: School Choice. Like many of you, as a parent I am very concerned by what I’ve experienced with my children’s education the past two years. Unfortunately, many parents are trapped by their zip code or bank account in a school that just isn’t working for them or their children. I believe it is far past time for Idaho to be a leader in education choice. That is why I have proposed legislation to have money follow students to their parent’s school of choice. It doesn’t matter where you live, school choice should be and can be an option for you. Whether that be your local public school, charter school, private school or microschool. My proposal also cuts the link between the government and private institutions, protecting those institutions from government intrusion. We can do better for our parents, students, taxpayers and education professionals. To view my proposal, visit

Why Should Voters Elect You: My Campaign has been endorsed and recommended by many GOP central committees and other conservative organizations including Kootenai County GOP, Bonner County GOP, Bonneville County GOP, Adams County GOP, Right to Life of Idaho, ConservativesOf PAC, Stop Idaho RINOS and more. Why? Because they all know that I am the only conservative in this race.

I am running to expand school choice, end common core (for real) and stop Critical Race Theory and other social justice indoctrination.

This campaign is quite simple. If you believe we need to change the approach and get back to trusting parents again, I would appreciate your support. If you have questions, please feel free to visit my website at or call me directly at 208-505-8893.

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