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Montpelier City Council held its regular meeting on March 17. All Council members were present.

The Mayor addressed the Council to let them know that the City was accepting applications for the Chief of Police position until March 25.

The Council completed all regular business before voting to go into a public hearing.

The public hearing was for a request to vacate the alleys behind the old City Hall exiting on 5th Street and the short alley that ran to the east of the building. There were no public comments. After closing the public hearing, the Council read Ordinance 667 and approved it, vacating the alleys. The LDS Church now owns the land on both sides of the alleys.

The next item on the agenda was to adopt the Fair Housing Proclamation. The Council read and adopted the Proclamation. April will be Fair Housing month in Montpelier.

The Council then reviewed the easement for the property between the old BLM Counseling Center and the Centre Theater. The agreement will allow the City to prepare and pave this area to make parking for the City Hall and downtown area. The Council approved having the area surveyed to obtain a legal description.

The Mayor reported to the Council on the opinion of Montpelier becoming the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City. The document needs some changes, and the Mayor will contact the Attorney General to see his stand on this issue. Several other communities in Idaho have become Sanctuary Communities. The Council tabled this item until further information is received.

The Council head from Leland Keate, Mr. Keate, would like to contract to occupy one of the remaining parcels in the Industrial Park. He would like to build a Machine Shop. He now lives in the area and has experience with this business. The Council will review the rental contracts for the Park and approve the rental if all parties agree at the next meeting, April 7.

With no other items on the agenda, the Mayor polled the Council for any comments or concerns.

Steve Allred had Michelle Higley, Chamber president, report on the upcoming Easter Egg hunt held April 3 at the Wells C. Stock park at noon.

Allred then reported the progress on the grant for the Downtown Revitalization Project. He is expecting that the successful grant applicants will be announced in early April.

Allred talked about the concern citizens have had about the stray cat problem and cat owners not keeping their animals on their property or having them spayed or neutered if they are an outside pet.

Dan Fisher asked about the progress of the cleanup from the demolition of the Stone building. The Mayor reported he had been told the project would be completed and cleaned up in the next few weeks.

Shane Johnson reported that the Arts Council is proceeding with “The Music Man” and that tryouts will be held the week of March 23 and 24.

Bobbi Leonhardt had nothing to report and expected there to be a Water Board meeting in April.

Quin Pope reported that the Senior Center is doing an event on May 8 for Mother’s Day.

The Oregon Trail Center will open on Memorial Day weekend.

The Muley Foundation is planning on holding its banquet on May 22, possibly in the Crane Multiplex.

Ted Slivinski reported that the All-Star Tournament was happening the weekend of March 20, with 24 teams participating. The sign-up forms for softball and baseball will be posted in the next few days. Sign up if interested.

There were no further comments, and the Council adjourned the meeting.

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