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Montpelier City Council held its regular meeting on Nov. 17. All members were present except Steve Allred.

The Council completed the customary business of the meeting.

The Council approved using the ARPA funds to purchase the wearable cameras and necessary software for the Police Dept.

The Council approved accepting the Election numbers and results.

The Council moved to open the budget during this budget year, so the City crew can finish work and projects from last year and the costs will be covered.

Rick Roberts explained some grants could help with the cost of the Facility plan if he sends a letter expressing interest in the program. The Council approved him sending the letter.

The Council approved Ordinance 671, which prohibits construction that will infringe on City streets or Rights-of Ways from November 15 through March 15. The Council also approved the Encroachment permit that costs $50.00 and a deposit of $6,500 for roads and $2,500 for lawns and right- of- ways. The deposit will be returned if the damage is repaired as good or better than before construction.

The Council approved a letter of support from the City supporting the art in Heritage Park. The Idaho Commission of Arts has a grant that may help; Shannon Holjeson will apply.

The Council went into an Executive Session.

Upon returning from the session, the Council withdrew the appointment of Joe Hayes. The Council, or Mayor, did offer an explanation. Doug Woods was appointed as the City Prosecutor until Dec. of 2022

The Mayor polled the Council for comments or concerns. None of the Council had problems. The Mayor updated the Council on the Fire Dept. Steve Higgins will be stepping down from Fire Chief after 25 years. Applications for those wanting to be considered for the Chief position need to submit their application. Currently, it is required they live within the City limits.

Quin Pope reported the County might be helping the Senior Center with some of the counties ARPA money.

There were no further comments or concerns by the Council.

The Chamber of Commerce asked the City if they would be able to help with utilities of the Chamber building as the City now owns the building.

The Chamber will provide the City with the costs from the last year.

The Council adjourned the meeting at this time.

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