Chief Wells and Mayor Jared Sharp

Mayor Jared Sharp with Montpelier City Police Chief, Blake Wells

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Montpelier City Council held its regular meeting on May 5. After the regular business of the meeting the Council moved to the agenda.

The first item was the International Building Code. The ordinance was read for the third time and the Council approved adopting the code.

The next item was the Kennel License Amendment in regards to Christen Sparks’ dogs. The citizens involved did not appear, but their neighbors appeared and addressed their concerns regarding the problem. The City ordinance states that if a resident has three or more cats or dogs a kennel license is required. The situation in question is being resolved by moving the animals out of the City. Follow-up will be made to ensure the matter is resolved.

The Council was then requested to approve hiring Shannon Holjenson to work 20 hours a week until the end of the fiscal year on the necessary tasks associated with the ICDBG grant the City was awarded this week. The Council approved the hiring of Holjenson.

The Council was then presented with a letter from the Idaho Commerce Department awarding a $500,000 grant to the City. This grant is for the downtown improvement project. The project will not be started until this fall due to the lack of available contractors and high building costs. The Council accepted the grant.

The Council then reviewed contracts with SIECOG for grant administration and Myers and Anderson for engineering of the projects. The Council approved both contracts.

The Mayor told the Council that interviews for the position of Chief of Police for the Montpelier Police Department had been completed. The committee had recommended that Blake Wells be appointed as the new Chief of Police. Wells has worked for the City for 17 years and been acting chief two different times. Wells accepted the appointment.

The Mayor then polled the Council for comments and concerns.

Steve Allred updated the Council regarding the fact that due to the time necessary to let bids and receive them and that several contractors are already booked through the summer, the project will not start until fall.

Allred also reported on the progress of the Theatre cleanup and repairs. There will be a service project the weekend of the May 8 to help with the cleaning. The more help that shows up the quicker they will get done. The Theatre is hoping to be open Memorial weekend showing the new Cruella movie.

Dan Fisher reported that the Bear Lake Regional Commission met and most of the meeting focused on the expected water shortage for this summer. The lake will be much lower this year.

Fisher also reported that Tammy Leonhardt with the Convention and Visitor Bureau would attend the next Council meeting to report on the activity with the Bureau. The Bureau’s advertising campaign has been very successful. More visitors are expected this year than last year, which was a record year.

Shane Johnson reported that there are going to be about 20 more trees planted at the golf course. Johnson also reported on the progress of the Beautification Committee. Flowers for the project have been purchased from the School greenhouse.

Bobbi Leonhardt reported on the Water Board and stated that Byron Nelson and Wayne Cochran will serve another term. The reservoir is still low, but hopefully spring melt will help. The City will put their water shares up for bid for all areas except the North Ditch, which is already at total capacity.

Quin Pope reported the Oregon Trail Center will open Memorial Weekend, Friday through Sunday. Large groups can make reservations for Monday or Tuesday.

The Senior Center is doing a Father’s Day BBQ event and would like donations from businesses and citizens to be raffled at the event. They would also like to thank the community for donations received during this pandemic.

The Muley Foundation Fanatics event is scheduled for May 22, and tickets are still available on their website and Facebook page.

Ted Slivinski had nothing to report.

Brent Hill mentioned the middle school’s upcoming Wizard of Oz play, which will be held June 5 at the Oregon Trail Center. The Arts Council is also presenting The Music Man on June 17-19, 21, and 25-26. There may be another day added depending on ticket sales.

The Council then adjourned the meeting.

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