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Montpelier City Council held its regular meeting on Oct. 6. Steve Allred and Shane Johnson were absent. The Council nor Mayor made any changes to the agenda. The Council completed the normal City business.

The Mayor complimented Rick Roberts and his crew for the quick and thorough job of removing the Mental Health building for the parking lot project.

The first agenda item was a resolution to declaring the city of Montpelier to be a Protected Constitutional Rights and protected Second Amendment City. It has previously been discussed to issue an Ordinance on this matter. After consulting with City Attorney Doug Woods, it was decided to issue a Resolution instead of an Ordinance. The Council approved, and the Mayor signed the resolution. The resolution gives no additional rights but encourages all residents to exercise their rights to protect them for future generations. It also states that the Council will support the discretion of the Police Dept, to refuse to enforce any potential Federal mandate that infringes on the rights of the Constitution.

The next item was short-term rentals. The Mayor asked to table this item as he is still reviewing some necessary information on this matter. The Council tabled this item until the next meeting on Oct. 20.

The Mayor was asked about the progress on the 11th block of Washington buildings. The Stone building demolition is now completed and the contractor should have it hauled off and the hole backfilled by the end of October. The information of the old Tappers building a is private matter not currently involving the City.

The Mayor then polled the Council for any comments or concerns.

Dan Fisher reported that the Regional Commission had met. The Commission had a review of their audit. Everything was in order. They also reported on the aquatic invasive species program. It has been hard to do the inspections on the Laketown end as they have no place to park. The inspection station moved to Sage Junction, and staffing has been an issue. The program is continuing, but the Commission is looking at ways to improve the program. Fisher also reported on the lake levels and the drought. Currently, the lake is at 5012.31 ft.; this is four feet lower than last year at this time. Fisher asked the hydrologist if we receive an inch of moisture why the lake does not rise an inch. The hydrologist could not give him a good answer. The Visitors and Convention center has been very busy both last year and this year. They continue to increase in numbers the number of people contacting them to find out about the area.

Bobbi Leonhardt did not have anything to comment on about City business but stated she had just returned from Yellowstone, and it was as busy as in the middle of summer. There seems to be more people everywhere in the Western area.

Quin Pope had nothing to add but referred to Jean Alleman from the Senior Center. Jean thanked the Council for all the work they do for our community, and she also gave a shout-out to the drivers of the meal program as they are often the ones who discover problems in the Seniors’ homes.

Ted Slivinski said that the signup sheets are out for third and fourth-grade Boys and fifth and sixth-grade Girls Basketball. The forms are due back to Montpelier City Hall by the 15th.

The Mayor asked if there were any comments. A citizen stated she lived on Fifth Street, and the sidewalk was lousy on her block. The Mayor told her the sidewalks in residential areas are the responsibility of the property owners. She asked if there were any programs to help with this condition.

The Mayor told her about a program called the Local Improvement Program used by residents before. She could check with Steve Allred to get more information. Another citizen asked if there were any planned improvements to the city tennis courts as they are weedy and in poor condition. The Mayor said he would have the weeds removed and look into the possibility of improving the courts.

The meeting then adjourned.

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