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Montpelier City Council held its regular meeting on July 21. Ted Slivinski and Quin Pope were not in attendance. The Council completed the normal business of the meeting.

The Council reviewed the Preliminary Budget for the 2021-2022 year. The Council approved the Preliminary Budget that included a 3 percent increase in the budget and a 2.5 percent cost of living increase in wages. The budget will be published in The News-Examiner before the Public hearing planned for August 18.

The Mayor told the Council that he also planned to have the city Ordinances codified and contract with the agency that will codify any new ordinances; the Ordinances will also become available online.

The Mayor informed the Council that the land swap with the County for the old Mental Health building located next to the City Hall. The hospital still has some items to remove from the building. After the removal is completed, there may be some items that will be auctioned off. Sometime this fall, the building will be demolished, and the electrical work and the concrete will be completed for the planned parking lot.

The Mayor then polled the Council for any comments or concerns.

Steve Allred stated the Montpelier Community Foundation received a 5,000 dollar grant from Bistline. The grant is for Heritage Park.

Allred also noted that the Peterson’s are planning on replacing the seats at The Centre theater shortly. They are please with how well the support of the theatre is going.

The samples of the paver for Heritage Park should be arriving soon. There will be opportunities for people or businesses to support the park and purchase a paver with their name engraved on it. There will be two sizes of pavers available for the program.

The City may proclaim August as Weed Control month with every resident and business asked to remove as many weeds from their property and homes. Anyone that can help those that are physically unable to do this will be encouraged to do so.

The question was asked of the Mayor if there will be a change to the watering hours. He stated that not at this time but asks that everyone honor the watering hours of 6 a.m.-Noon and 6 p.m. — Midnight. The city did use a record amount of water in June. The City hopes residents will conserve water when they can.

The water that can be taken out of Montpelier Creek has about reached its limit, and this will end irrigation from the water company.

Dan Fisher reported that the Regional Commission met, but he was unable to attend. The Lake is getting lower, but boats can still be launched.

Fisher also thanked Katie Alleman for the hard work she has done with the Ball tournaments held this summer.

Katie thanked all the volunteers that helped clean the fields before the last tournament. The volunteers did a great job.

Shane Johnson reported that work is still being done to form a Baseball Board. Some issues still need to be addressed, but the program is off to a good start.

Dan Fisher also talked about how well the garbage pick-up has gone. Johnson reported that there would be 57 teams competing in the tournament on the weekend of July 24.

The Music Man performance that was canceled this week is back on. Shirley Harris was able to find two people who have done this production in the past who are willing to perform with the Arts council. The Arts Council will release the times and dates leased soon.

The hospital will hold its annual golf tournament on August 28. The golf course is busy enough that on weekends tee times are needed. There are two glow-in-the-dark tournaments being held that filled quickly. Volunteers planted 28 new trees at the course, and some cement work was completed that help the area that was a mud hole.

Bobbi Leonhard reported that the Water Board had not held a meeting recently. Animals Need Help will take any freezer burned or old meat and stew for the pound’s dogs.

The Council adjourned the meeting

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