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The Montpelier City Council held its regular meeting on Oct. 7. Dan Fisher was absent.

After the regular business of the meeting, the Council went to Public Hearings. Three hearings were scheduled. The first hearing was to open the budget and accept the money needed for Austin Budge to be moved from reserve stats to Seasonal Employment as the new employees’ training officer. There were no comments or further discussion. The Public hearing ended, and the council motioned and approved the employment and funds be moved to the MPD budget.

The next hearing was to approve the Annexation of Rod Jacobsen’s property located at 5th and Adams street. The home located there is in the city limits, but the rest of the property is not. Planning and Zoning had accepted the annexation, and now the council must accept or deny this land. Rod Jacobsen presented his plans to the council. There were no further questions or comments. The Public hearing ended, and the council motioned and approved the annexation of the property.

The third and final hearing was for the Community Development Block Grant. The Council heard the vision of the project from Shannon Holjeson.  There were no further questions or concerns. The Public Hearing ended, and the Council Motioned and approved the plan for the Block Grant.

Doug Morrell then addressed the Council. He was requesting that the Montpelier Police Department mark all of their vehicles. Morrell felt this would have helped reduce the likelihood of his business being vandalized if that had been done before. The vandalization resulted in a large loss to Morrell. Several opinions for and against the signage of police vehicles were offered. The Council then informed Morrell that the decision to increase signage would not be up to the Council but would be a decision made by the Police Chief. Morrell thanked the Council for their time.

The next item on the agenda was the selection of the Block Grant architect. There had been an RFP advertised for this. Two agencies submitted proposals.  Due to only one having previous experience demonstrated in the proposal, the Council chose Myers and Anderson for this project.

The next item on the agenda was City Hall East. Mayor Sharp advised the Council he had been approached by an organization interested in purchasing the old city hall. This company has done its due diligence in assessing the building. They are aware of the damage, the asbestos that will need to be removed, and the associated costs. The Mayor has decided to hold an auction for the building. The starting bid will be $96,000. The bidder will be responsible for removing the old building and covering the associated costs. There will be a legal addressing the conditions of a bid in the upcoming issue of The News-Examiner. The auction will be held on the front steps of the building on Nov. 5th.  The Council approved the request to move forward.

The last agenda item was approving the Curfew Ordinance. This ordinance changes a curfew violation from a misdemeanor to an infraction. The times have been revised as well as exceptions to the Ordinance. The Ordinance was accepted and will go into effect after publication in The News-Examiner.

The Council was polled for comments or concerns.

Steve Allred announced to the Council that the deed for the Chamber building had been signed and recorded. This had taken several years to complete.

Bobbi Leonhardt encouraged the council to come to Maverik on the following day as a Montpelier resident won the DEWnited States Jeep and trailer contest and would be presented with their prize.

Quinn Pope reported on the progress of the Community Center remodel project. The center was able to obtain an additional grant to help with the project.

Ted Slivinski reported that the forms for basketball sign-up were on the website and could be submitted. The fall sports are almost finished. It has been a good season.

Mayor Sharp gave  a public thanks to Devin Skinner with Property Pros for his work with his clients on the old city hall building. Devin has gone above and beyond on this project. Sharp feels this will be a benefit to the city.

The meeting was adjourned.

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