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The Montpelier City Council held its regular meeting on Sept. 1. Dan Fisher and Steve Allred were not present.

The Council completed the regular business of the meeting and moved to the agenda items.

The only agenda item was the Police Car bids. Chief Wells told the Council he had received an offer from Jensen Wood Motor on a Ram Classic pickup. The offer included an upgrade of a remote start, a bed liner, and floodlights. Bear Lake Motor was unable to provide a bid at this time.

The bid from Jensen Wood Motor was through the State Pool, so even though it was the only bid received, the Council could still accept the bid. The Council approved the bid.

There were no other items on the agenda. The Mayor polled the Council for any comments or concerns.

Quin Pope was the only Council member who had anything to add. He told the Council that Chef Jeff from the Oregon Trail Center had resigned and David Ream had taken his place. Ream seems to be doing a good job.

The Council adjourned the meeting.

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