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Montpelier City Council held its regular meeting on Dec. 2. Shane Johnson was absent, and Quinn Pope appeared by phone. The public was also asked to attend by phone.

After the regular meeting business, the Council reviewed liquor licenses from all businesses who had requested a 2021 license. The Council approved all of the licenses contingent on fees being paid and State and County license in place. Quinn pope recused from voting on this item as he would have a conflict of interest.

The next agenda item was to discuss Shannon Holjeson being approved to work on grants, with the necessary approval of funds, for the next two months.

Steve Allred addressed the Council, he said that when the funds were approved to pay Shannon to help with the CDRBV grant writing, the funds were from the Cities budget. The hospital then donated $11,000 to assist with obtaining the grant. After Shannon had finished and submitted the grant, she did some further research, along with Steve, and several additional grants were located that would help support the project. Steve ask for Council approval to continue to keep Holjeson on the payroll for the next two months to work on these other grants. The Council approved the request. Holjeson will continue to work on grants for the City.

The next item, City Attorney Appointment, was moved to the last thing, and the Council heard from Derek Ryder, owner of Rest Assured Inn. Ryder would like to volunteer to work towards obtaining additional funds for new Christmas Decorations. Ryder said many people commented that the decorations are old and shabby. He would like to see this be an ongoing project with new decorations being purchased and replacing the oldest decorations. The City currently has 3 00 to 5,000 allocated for decorations. The money is in the City Works budget. The funds will all go through the Montpelier Foundation and be tax-deductible. The Council approved this project. The City office will accept donations for this project.

The Council moved to go into Executive session and approved the motion by roll call vote.

The reason for the executive session was to discuss the Appointment for City Attorney.

The Council returned from the executive session went back into the public meeting. The m Council motioned and approved to table the appointment until January.

The Current appointment will stand until that meeting.

The Mayor then heard from the Council with any concerns or comments.

Steve Allred reported on the Chamber of Commerce Covid Cruisin and Shop at Home event.

Bobbi Leonheart reported that the water board had not met. She also said on the progress of ANH putting up a higher fence so the dogs could not get out in the wintertime and mention that the funds would be gratefully received if anyone desired to donate to the organization. Quin Pope reported that the Oregon Trail Center board had not met. The Senior Center bakery remodel is completed and up and running. The Center will also update the lights' electrical system and participate in the Watts Smart program for Rocky Mountain Power.

Pope and Leonhardt will meet the Center to help them find additional sources of income.

Pope also reported that the Friends of NRA Banquet is being planned for the Search and Rescue building. Sheriff Heslington is checking on the conditions that need to be in place, so this could happen.

Ted Slivinski reported that the youth basketball program is continuing with the games being live feed video. The videos are working well. The kindergarten and first-grade program may need to be postponed until limits are raised on spectator numbers.

Leslie Tueller reported that the silent auction for the surplus property would be held on the 16,17, and 18. The notice was not able to be published in time for the originally planned dates. The City office can accept bids on the items at any time up till then.

The meeting was then adjourned.

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