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City Council Meeting Montpelier held its regular meeting on August 4. All Council Members were in attendance except Theodore Slivinski and Shane Johnson. The Council completed the regular business of the meeting. Mayor Jared Sharp opened with two sets of minutes. The July 28 meeting was a special budget meeting, and there were no changes. The July 21 meeting discussed a 2.5% increase in salaries and was changed to a 2.5% minimum increase, rather than an average. The Council approved both July Minutes. The Council approved the bills for a total of $5864.96. including payroll of $25,418.57 in payroll.

The weeds of the City have gotten bad. Councilmember Steve Allred has been working on a Proclamation for the City, making August 2021 Weed Eradication Month. The Mayor read the proclamation, and corrections were updated before approval. The ordinance is as follows:

WHEREAS, properties within the City of Montpelier are considered rural in nature and require constant care for weed control, and

WHEREAS, many properties, homes, businesses sidewalks and roadsides within the City of Montpelier are currently in dire need of proper weed removal and disposal, and

WHEREAS, the Montpelier Mayor and City Council recognizes that improvements in weed eradication within city limits is necessary to achieve improved living conditions, enhanced community beautification efforts and increased pride in our neighborhoods and business districts, and

WHEREAS, Montpelier City Ordinance #660 (commonly referred to as the “Minimum Standards Ordinance” or the “Nuisance Ordinance”) indicates that property owners be responsible to prevent “blight conditions” that include in part “noxious weeds and plants”,

THEREFORE, as Mayor of the City of Montpelier, I hereby proclaim the month of August 2021, “WEED ERADICATION MONTH” with hopes that all residents and businesses, all land, home and property owners will band together to pick, pull, spray and otherwise dispose of every weed, weed patch and noxious weed infestation within the boundaries of the city of Montpelier, Idaho, and

THEREFORE, in the spirit of volunteerism and community pride to help our neighbors, including those who may need the most assistance, it is the hope of this proclamation to inspire youth groups, civic clubs, school groups, church groups and any other service-oriented organizations to choose service projects during the month of August specifically designed and organized to eradicate weeds in the community after receiving proper authorization and permission, if needed, and

THEREFORE, the City of Montpelier will likewise review city properties, streets and roadways for similar weed control, and

THEREFORE, August 2021 is thus proclaimed “WEED ERADICATION MONTH” with hopes that the spirit of this proclamation will continue on for years to come as we collectively assist in achieving pride in this beautiful city where we all call home.

Proclaimed by Mayor Jared Sharp on this 4th day of August, 2021.


Jared Sharp, Mayor

ATTESTED: X———————————————————————————

Leslie Tueller, City Clerk

Reference to ORDINANCE #660, “Minimum Standard Ordinance.” Steve Allred created A “WANTED” poster, which will be posted and distributed. We have unsightly buildings, pavers that have weeds coming up through them and need help beautifying Montpelier. On streets and corners where the asphalt meets with the curb and gutter, weeds are popping up. The City is asking for help from its citizens to achieve this improvement.

The Council approved August as Weed Eradication Proclamation. Councilmember Steve Allred reported the Foundation is working on two or three grants to help with the costs of the park. There is an artist in mind for his murals, and he is working on colored metal samples. It will weather better. The price is worth the space. New trees in certain places, repair all the pavers and concrete, so they are up to code. A gazebo will go up, The Montpelier Foundation will raise money, and several grants are being submitted. The Foundation is looking for sponsors for the murals. The Foundation is hoping in August to start a campaign for donations of the pavers 9x18 and 18x18, hoping to have the engravings done by someone local. The goal is to get 540 pavers delivered and sold as they are engraved. The City is looking at the first of summer for the entire downtown revitalization program to be started.

Councilmember Bobbi Leonhardt addressed the concern about the sewers regarding the subdivision development by the golf course; With all the extra dumping that we have done and the infiltration problem. City Supervisor Rick Roberts is working with EPA to obtain permission to discharge two more times a year. Some of the development could become rentals, and it is questioned if there will be parking issues. Parking is going to be an issue with snow removal. The snow removal will be the responsibility of the subdivision. The townhouses will have two parking spaces in the back. There will not be a parking lot or parking on the roadside.

Councilmembers had questions on the outcome of the three ball tournament held this summer. Councilmember, Bobbi Leonhardt, discussed Parks and Rec as being a great program, but we need to make sure that the City of Montpelier is putting that money back into the programs. Tournaments are over now, but some of that money needs to come in help pay for the Parks and Rec programs.

Some Councilmembers felt ball tournaments should not cover the expenses of other programs. The Rec program was also paying for two tournament directors, and now they only have one. The rec program is seeking more volunteers. Getting people to volunteer is a challenge, as some people sign up and do not show up.

The Council and Mayor discussed several concerns and solutions. Currently, a baseball board is being created, and the program is being revamped to make these programs run smoothly and include more parents. The Parks and Rec department may look at the County helping fund these programs as about half of the participants are outside the City.

There was a great turnout for the tournaments and wonderful compliments on the kids caring for the park. Councilmember Bobbi Leonhardt mentioned how great the Car Show turned out. The lawn was beautiful regardless of the drought conditions. There was an impressive turnout in participation as well as onlookers.

There were no chamber meetings to report.

Councilmember Quin Pope questioned the infiltration of the overflow with the storm drain. Mayor Jared Sharp informed the Council that some of the storm water has been going into the sewer and that the sewer drains have been cleaned out. Roberts is still working to find where the extra water is entering the City sewer system.

City Council meeting adjourned until August 18, Public Meeting.

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