Single Wide at 468 huff

Single wide trailer that Montpelier City Council did not accept the appeal to Planning and Zoning decision at 468 Huff.

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Montpelier City Council held its regular council meeting on Sept. 16, 2020. Shane Johnson and Ted Slivinski were absent.

After the regular business of the meeting, the Council went into a public hearing to add funds to the budget for the Clerk's office to pay for Shannon Holjeson to assist with the grant and the Fire Department for the money necessary to pay for their new air compressor to fill the air tanks. The money received for these items was from donations and grants.

No one attending the hearing wished to comment. The hearing was closed, and a motion was made and approved to accept the funds.

The next item on the agenda was for Police training. Montpelier Police department has two new officers who need to go to POST. Until they have been able to complete POST, they need to be accompanied by another officer. Due to COVID, one not be able to attend until January, and the other may not be able to attend until next fall. Due to the increase in overtime this situation would cause, Chief Roper is asking to be able to reinstate Austin Budge who is a trained officer and is now a reserve for the City. Budge is available and will do this until the new officers are trained. The Council approved the request and increased funds to the department.

The next item was Chad Duncan. Duncan owns several properties in Montpelier's city limits. Duncan appeared before the Council to request a planning and zoning appeal on the decision not to allow a single-wide mobile home on Duncan's lot at 468 Huff street. The city ordinance no longer allows single-wide mobile homes except in a designated mobile home park. Single-wide mobile homes can be replaced, but the dwelling must have had a single-wide that has not been abandoned or dismantled in the last two years. Duncan felt the trailer frame he had removed in the last two years met the standard. After Duncan argued for the single-wide to be allowed, Doug Woods, the city attorney, said he felt there were two counts on which the mobile home did not qualify under the grandfather clause. Duncan would need to rezone the property or move the trailer home. The Planning and Zoning Committee has already denied the possibility of rezoning as they felt this would be spot rezoning. Duncan will need to move the trailer within 30 days to avoid a possible fine.

Duncan felt he had been given incorrect information by the county when he called and asked for permission. Mayor Sharp did say he would pass the concern to the county but suggested Duncan attend a county Commissioners meeting to voice his concerns.

Chief Roper addressed the Council about the current Curfew Ordinance. At this time, a violation of curfew may result in a misdemeanor. Roper suggested curfew be changed to Midnight to 6 a.m. instead of 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and Midnight to 6 a.m. Friday and Saturday. He is also requesting the violation be changed to an infraction. The Council determined the changes were justified. The changes will be made and presented to the Council for final approval in a future meeting.

The Council received a letter of recommendation from Planning and Zoning to approve the annexation of the property located at Fifth and Adams Street. Currently, only the house is in the City limits, and this would approve all five acres. The Council agreed if all the requirements are met, and the P & Z have recommended this, a public hearing should be held on Oct. 7. Notice for the hearing will be published in The News-Examiner.

The next item was a recommendation by Steve Allred. He is currently serving as Chairman for the Montpelier Foundation and is recommending they accept Hillary Lund as the new Treasurer and Board member. Leslie Tueller is resigning from the position on the Foundation. The Council approved the recommendation.

A resolution to establish a redevelopment area on Washington Street from 7th Street to the west side of the overpass was presented to the Council. The main focus will be from the 8th through 9th street blocks. The Council approved the resolution.

The Council also approved a Fair Housing Resolution for possible housing in this area and Montpelier City. The resolution met all the necessary requirements and was approved. April will be Fair Housing Month.

The Mayor asked the Council for any comments or concerns.

Bobbi Leonhardt reported on attending the Fire Department training meeting and being able to observe the new compressor. The compressor should meet the needs of the department for many years.

Quinn Pope reported the Oregon Trail Center is closed for the season, but there are video tours available on the Center's web site. There is also a problem with the Center's parking area causing water to run toward the Center. He is hoping the County and the City can repair the area and fix the problem.

No other comments were made, and a motion was made to adjourn the meeting.

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