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The Montpelier City Council held its regular meeting on Mar. 3. All members were present.

After the regular business of the meeting, the Mayor asked to move the opening of the Time Capsule up on the agenda. All of the students were not present as the meeting started.

The Council heard from Rick Roberts and he outlined the plan for cameraing the sewer system. Roberts is hoped that by cameraing, they will discover the areas where groundwater is entering the system so necessary repairs can be made. Roberts expects that reducing the amount of water coming into the lagoons will stop the need for increased discharge times. The plan is to do this as soon as the ground thaws.

The next item was the opening of the Time Capsule. Mrs. Beards class from AJ Winters attended, and the student representatives and the Mayor removed and identified the items. There were several documents, a Montpelier Examiner, and several coins in the metal box. All items were in good condition and will be on display at the City Hall.

There is a video of the event on the Montpelier Community Foundation Facebook page.

The last item on the agenda was Gary Adams, a citizen, addressing the Council about the possibility of Montpelier becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary City. The Mayor will talk with the City Attorney about this possibility.

The Mayor then polled the Council for any comments or concerns.

Steve Allred reported on the Downtown Revitalization Grant application status and is hoping to hear by Apr. 1. Allred also asked for an update on the replacement of lights on the overpass. Rick Roberts said he had not heard anymore yet.

Dan Fisher reported on the Regional Commission meeting. The State Audit was reviewed at the meeting. The construction project at the Utah Marina is coming along. The Convention and Visitor’s Bureau is advertising our area in several places.

Shane Johnson had nothing to report. Neither did Bobbi Leonhardt.

Quin Pope reported that there is going to be an Interpretive Center at the Bear River Massacre site. There will be information there telling about the Oregon Trail Center. The Center will be good for both areas. Bren Hill is planning on doing a concert on June 5 at the Trail Center.

Pope also reported that the Friends of NRA banquet was a huge success. This area raises some of the highest funds.

Ted Slivinski had nothing to report.

The Council then adjourned the meeting.

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