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Montpelier City Council held its regular meeting on Nov. 4, 2020. Steve Allred appeared by phone, and Bobbi Leonhardt was excused. All other members were present.

The agenda was amended to include approval or denial of a grant for the Montpelier Fire Department’s extraction equipment.

After the meeting’s regular business, the Council approved paying the bills totaling $62,582.78, $33,864.96 being payroll, and $28,717.82 being misc.

The Council then moved and approved to enter the Public Hearing for input from the public on selling the old City Hall, located at 534 Washington. It was previously approved to hold an auction for the building with a starting bid of $96,000.00. The question was asked how many people had signed the form necessary to make a bid. Mayor Sharp stated there was only one person who had signed to bid at this time. People can sign up until the time of the auction, which is being held Nov. 5, at 1:00 p.m., and the new City Hall.

As there were no further questions or comments, the council moved to return to the regular meeting.

The Council then approved the sale by auction with the minimum starting bid of $96,000.

Mayor Sharp told the Council that the representative from UPRR came to the fire station the previous week to make the presentation of the $11,000 towards the new compressor.

The time was then turned to Shannon Holjeson to present the information on the grant being applied for.

The City Fire Department has outdated Extraction equipment. The current equipment is hydraulic powered and needs a gas operated pump. The new equipment is battery operated and will work on today’s vehicles. The grant being applied for is from Fire House Subs and is in the $20,000.range. The paperwork must be submitted by Nov. 11, 2020. The Council approved the grant application to Fire House Subs.

There were no further agenda items, so the Mayor then heard comments or concerns from the Council.

Steve Allred reported on the progress with the Downtown Revitalization Grant. SECOG is helping to finalize the grant. Next week they are hoping to have all of the architect plans. The Council will be receiving the final plan details before the next Council meeting on Nov. 18th.

Dan Fisher reported on the Regional Commission meeting held the previous week. The Commission honored Utah Senator Hillard with a plaque.

He has been a real champion of the area.

He talked with Tammy Leonhardt with the Travel and Convention Center. She is Montpelier City’s representative and is willing to talk to the Council on how the Travel and Convention tax works and criteria. She can’t advertise in the area collected.

Shane Johnson reminded the Council of the upcoming “Clue” performance by the Arts Council on Nov. 19th & 20th. There will be three performances per night as the amount allowed at each performance needs to be under 50. Get your tickets soon if you are interested.

Quinn Pope reported that the Friends of NRA Banquet scheduled for Feb. 20th was initially planned to be held at the Oregon Trail Center. The Center is rethinking this and may not allow the Banquet to be held there. The event is looking for another place to meet.

A lengthy discussion was held on locations.

Ted Slivinski reported that youth basketball is moving forward. Each team can only have two people who come to watch. Only the spectators and the teams for that game will be allowed in at any given time. Each team will leave, and then the next group can come. This will start next week and go through Christmas. There are six boys’ teams and 4 girls’ teams.

Devin Skinner asked about an auction that may be held for items he is interested in buying removed from the old City Hall property. There may be some other surplus equipment from the departments that may be auctioned off.

Steve asked about the World War II monument. It has been relocated to the War Mother’s park. There may be a rededication of the monument. The Council would like to do something about the monument.

A citizen asked about the procedures necessary for having a special use permit on a property.

The Mayor recommended they attend A Planning and Zoning meeting and fill out the permit’s necessary application. P & Z will let them know what regulations need to be followed. The information on who to contact was given to them.

With no further comments, the meeting adjourned.

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