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Montpelier held its regular meeting on July 2. All members except Steve Allred were present. The Board completed the regular business of the meeting.

The Council then heard from Isaiah Alleman. Alleman had concerns about the actions of an investigation, going back for eight years. The circumstances were not something that the Council could address but gave Alleman information on someone he could contact that could possibly help.

The Council reviewed the preliminary budget for the 2021-2022 budget year. Mayor Sharp reported that he did not expect significant changes in the budget from last year. He is recommending a 2.5 percent increase in employee wages. The Mayor will present the final budget to the Council at the next meeting. The budget will then be published, and a public hearing on the budget will be on August 18.

The Council then moved to go into Executive Session with City Attorney Doug Woods and Chief Wells. No discussion was made when returning to the public meeting.

The Mayor then asked the Council for any comments or concerns.

Dan Fisher reported that the Regional Commission would meet on July 16, but he will not be available to attend.

Bobbi Leonhardt thanked the Montpelier Rotary club for the fireworks and the Montpelier Fire Department for the assistance for the breakfast and standby at the firework display. Leonhardt felt the event turned out well.

Quin Pope reported the Oregan Trail Center is continuing to work on the drainage problem in the winter behind the building.

Ted Slivinski reported that Casey Humphreys is going in a good direction with the Baseball Tournaments. Humphreys is working to have a Board for the oversight of the tournaments. Slivinski said this would help even the workload and not overwhelm just one person trying to do the job. There are 35 teams in the boy’s tournament on the 15-17 and 55 for the Girl’s Softball on the 22-24 of July.

The Council and Mayor discussed possible ways to deal with the extra garbage that accumulates during the tournaments.

The Council had no further comments, the meeting adjourned.

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