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Montpelier City Council held its regular meeting on January 6. Dan Fisher chaired the meeting as Mayor Sharp, Shane Johnson, and Ted Slivinski were absent. Quinn Pope appeared by phone.

After the regular business of the meeting, the Council heard from Steve Allred. Allred announced that Rocky Mountain Power had donated $1000 to the Montpelier Foundation to help with the Christmas light project.

Allred was also able to work with Rocky Mountain and the Watts Smart program. Rocky Mountain is willing to pay $1,466.90 on the $5,850 that it will cost to replace the 17 street lights on the overpass.

The lights will be replaced with led lights, resulting in savings that should pay for the project in 2.8 years. Replacing the lights will be an improvement on the Planned Downtown Revitalization project.

Allred also has requested the cost to replace all of the rest of the city street lights. The proposed savings would make this a worthwhile project.

The Council moved and approved to go forth with the overpass project.

Allred also said there was a discussion that Rocky Mountain might not continue maintaining the street lights. The maintenance cost will be the City’s responsibility. The led lights would also show a benefit as the lights last several years.

The Council was then polled for any comments or concerns.

Allred talked about the donations from Rocky Mountain and said that the Idaho Commission on the Arts could donate $1080 to our local Arts Council and the Oregon Trail Center. The money came from federal CARES Act money and a donation by a private Donner.

Dan Fisher reported that the Regional Commission did not meet in Dec.

Bobbi Leonheart reported that the Fire Department has been doing training, and the Waterboard will not meet until March.

Quinn Pope reported that the Oregon Trail Center board has not met since the last Council meeting. He and Leonhardt met with the Senior Citizens board and gave them some new ideas for revenue.

He also reported that if the COVID restrictions are lifted, the Friends of NRA banquet will be held on February 20. If the regulations are not lifted by then, the banquet will be rescheduled to April.

Brandon and Kyle Park attended the meeting to learn more about how the Council works. They are interested in becoming more involved in the workings of the City and having a better understanding. They asked several questions that the Council answered for them. The Council thanked the Parks for wanting to be involved.

The Council adjourned the meeting.

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