The Montpelier City Council held its regular council meeting on June 19, 2019. All members were present.

The board completed its regular business before moving to the first item of the agenda. The agenda was approved as written.

Steve Allred gave an update on the Montpelier Foundation. Allred has received the letter from the IRS with the acceptance of the foundation with a 501 C 3 status. Allred explained this status would allow the city to accept donations that may be used for projects that will enhance the city and its residents. An example is the $5000 donation that Broulim’s family trust made to the city to improve the tennis courts and to complete the pickleball courts.

The foundation will also allow the city to accept the property as a donation and give the owner a possible tax deduction. The City would only do this is the property has value and no liability to the city such as hazardous waste or other problems.

Mayor Sharp presented the resolution to add a small portion of land which has been donated by Brett and Marti Kunz to the South end of 8th Street. Accepting this land will help to square up the street. After a review of the resolution, it was accepted and approved.

The next item was a review of the Nuisance Ordinance. The one that is currently being used by the city is outdated and has not been changed since 1996. Chief Roper presented a draft for the council to review. Some of the most significant changes are sections that no longer apply have been removed. There were parts added that have more relevance to situations today. Residents are expected to keep their property in good repair and to keep it free of areas that can cause a hazard or attract pests.

The questions that came up were what to do with inoperative vehicles and where they may be stored. The council will review the new draft and submit any changes they fill necessary to Chief Roper. The draft will then go the City Attorney for Review. The draft included a copy of the letter that anyone in violation of the ordinance and has had a complaint made on the property may receive. There is also a second letter that may be expected if the first letter is not complied with. If property owners don’t comply they could receive an infraction and up to a $1000 fine.

If someone chooses to donate the property to the city because they cannot maintain the property or to bring it into appropriate status the foundation gives the city a way to accept the property. Each property must be appraised and reviewed before acceptance.

Mayor Sharp presented the council with the preliminary budget that will exist for the 2019-2020 budget. The council will have a final review on the August 21st meeting. The Mayor pointed out there is funds set aside to codify the cities current ordinances, and this will help them to be put online in a format that will be searchable. There will be a public hearing at that time.

The council decided that as many members will be absent on July 3, there will be only one meeting in July on the 17th. The change was accepted.

The council had an opportunity to express any comments or concerns.

Steve Allred gave an update on the Chamber of Commerce meeting. The Chamber currently has no planned events until Nov. with the kick off Of Shop At Home and Light Up Main Street.

Dan Fisher reported on the weed removal in front of the new City Hall site. He commented on how nice Adams Park is looking this year.

Bobbi Leonhardt reported the OTC canceled their meeting and the water board reports that the Reservoir has water coming down the spillway North Ditch is 100 percent capacity. There were no bids on the cities water shares this year.

Shane Johnson reported that the Arts Council will hold a meeting and dinner. The Mayor and Rick Roberts answered the questions as to why the lights on M hill are not lit. The lights have shorted out, and even with a new transformer, they won’t work. The M will need to be rewired. The project will take a few weeks as the crew is all getting ready for street chipping in mid-July. They are doing three miles of chipping this year.

Ted Sliviski reported on the tournament on the 20-22 of July there were 53 teams in town. Most families spend about $100 a day in our community. The tournament on the weekend of the 28-29 of June has only 30 teams. The pickleball court will be done soon. The Broulim’s family donated 5000 to this project.

The meeting was adjourned with no further comments by the council or public.