The Montpelier City Council held its regular meeting on August 7, 2019. Ted Slivinski was excused. After the regular business of the meeting and with the change in the agenda of moving Washington Street to the first item, the meeting proceeded.

ITD came to talk to the council about the striping of Washington Street between Fourth and Fifth. The last meeting it was decided to maintain the parking on the north side of the street. IDT engineers feel that this would create a safety hazard. After several minutes of discussions and some slight changes, the council and ITD may have found an agreeable compromise. This will be taken back to the engineers. Striping will take place the week of the 19th if there are no further issues.

The next item was the Nuisance Ordinance. The ordinance was read. There was one change made from 60 days a complaint to be resolved 30 days. The Ordinance was read and all corrections were made. The ordinance was accepted and a summary will be placed in The News-Examiner in the coming weeks.

Devin Skinner was on the agenda asking about the purchase of the City Hall building. He did not appear at the meeting, so the item was tabled.

The Oregon Trail center had an event that they were using the Pavilion for and wanted to request the fee be waived. The pavilion was already reserved for the date in question.

The council was then polled for comments or concerns.

Steve Allred reported that the Foundation would hold their first meeting in two weeks. He asked the council to look at and like the Foundation Facebook page. There are ten positive things that have happened recently posted there. Allred reported the Hospital Board had approved the request for the $2500 start-up monies. The Foundation will also get the paperwork done, so the Bear Lake Arts Council operates under the Foundation umbrella and not the cities.

Dan Fisher reported to the council that the Regional Commission needs additional funds from Utah and Idaho to be able to continue the good work they are doing. The Commission has helped to protect the lake and resources. Utah will give an additional $25,000 if Idaho will. Idaho has not agreed to do so. Fisher requested the City send a letter to the state in support of the commission. There was a discussion that the local representatives might also be able to help in this matter.

The Bear Lake Visitor’s center is doing well and helps to promote our area in many different areas.

Shane Johnson reported on the Arts Council success with “Annie” Johnson asked who needed to replace some of the lights at Allinger Park that are burned out. Rick Roberts will work on the problem.

Dru Strange reported on the “Glow in the Dark” golf event and the hospital’s Tournament on the 24th of August.

The meeting adjourned as there were no further comments.