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The Montpelier City Council held its regular meeting on Sept. 3. All council members were present.

The Council approved paying the bills for $48,954.27.

The Public Hearing appearing on the agenda was tabled until the September meeting.

The Council then heard from Chief Roper who explained the Senior Project for Courtney Wells. Courtney will be scraping the bear in the log on the front of the City Hall building. The bear was part of the original project 20 years ago. Courtney will remove the old paint and scrape and brush the bear then update the paint and refinish the bear. The project will cost about $300. The Chief asked the city to consider the project. The Council approved the project and the funds to complete the project.

She will also replace the sign giving the history of the area and the building. The sign is part of the walking tour of the city.

The Council was given a letter addressing the boundaries and scope of the proposed redevelopment area. After review of the document, the Resolution for the area was tabled until necessary changes are made to the letter,

The Mayor then polled the Council for concerns or comments.

Steve Allred reported on the progress made towards the grant application. Shannon Holjison was present, and she also commented. The application is progressing, and there is a Community comment session planned for Oct. 6 after the regular council meeting. Some of the proposed architect plans and drawings should be available then. The notice for the meeting will be posted in The News-Examiner.

Applying for the grant may also make some money available to businesses looking to improve themselves.

Dan Fisher reported on the recent Bear Lake Regional Commission meeting. Utah is planning on raising fees to use the Marina and beach. Fisher had asked if the increase would apply to Bear Lake residents also. The fees will apply. Fisher expressed his displeasure at this. Fisher also reported on the check station program that is checking watercraft for Quagga Muscles. The program has been hectic this year with over 30,000 inspections being done and 450 crafts being decontaminated. The program will have some changes next year, but so far is proving successful in protecting Bear Lake.

Garden City is hoping to put a Break Check area at the Visitor Center and a Watercraft Check closer to Garden City.

Fisher also reported on the lake water level and several of the area reservoirs.

Shane Johnson reported the golf course will be holding the Monty tournament on Sept. 12. There are only one or two spots left.

Bobbi Leonhardt had nothing to report this time.

Quinn Pope reported on the progress on the remodel on the Community Center that will be paid for with the grant they received. The project is scheduled to start the end of Sept. and be completed by November.

The Center is planning a craft fair on Nov. 7. They will monitor the Covid situation to determine if they can go ahead.

Ted Slivinski reported on Parks and Rec’s progress on volleyball, flag football, and soccer. Currently, about 60 kids have signed up for each. The flag football starts after Labor Day, and Lisa is working with the school on volleyball. They are hoping to use the middle school gym. The negotiations are in progress.

The Council also asked about the progress on the old Loops building being torn down. The Mayor reported that EPA approved to proceed. The asbestos mitigation crew started this week and should be done by the end of the month. The rest of the demolition should be finished by the end of November.

No further comments were made, and the meeting adjourned.

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