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Montpelier City Council held its regular meeting on Oct. 21, 2020. Mayor Sharp, Shane Johnson, and Ted Slivinski were absent. A quorum was present.

Dan Fisher conducted the meeting.

After the regular business of the meeting, the Council heard from Jacob Lufkin, who requested the Council consider his request to be allowed to install a septic tank on his property. He is planning on building a home on his property, going up Montpelier Canyon. There is sewer available there, but the pipe would only be seven inches deep near the road. This would result in pipes freezing during the winter. The City is not able to provide a hookup with this depth problem. Because a City sewer hookup is not feasible, the Council considered the request valid, and a motion was made and passed to allow the septic tank.

The next agenda item was to approve the P & Z recommendation for Ryan Brook to have a conditional use permit to allow a storage container on his property on Boise Street. Lori Haddock from P & Z addressed the Council. Brook has met all the necessary conditions and has moved the container to meet all setbacks. The Council motioned to approve the conditional use permit. All members voted to approve the permit.

The Council then heard any comments or concerns from the Council members.

Steve Allred updated the Council on the progress of the Downtown Revitalization Grant. The planned project is estimated to cost $750,000; the grant is up to $500,000. There will be a need to find other grants or funding sources to complete all of the project plans. Allred felt this could be accomplished. He also reported the Montpelier Bear Lake Chamber met on the 20th, and Michelle Higley was elected as the new Chamber president. The Chamber will survey the members to decide what direction members would like to see them go in.

Dan Fisher reported on the Regional Commission meeting recently held in Dingle. The Commission met on the Rex Skinner property where a recent restructuring of the river bank was completed. In that area, the Bear River has bank erosion which has washed a significant amount of bank from Skinner’s property. The damage has been repaired, and the river flow is back to the original path. The Visitor and Convention Center did not participate as the meeting was outdoors.

Bobbi Leonhardt reported that ANH could use help. There have been several animals ANH has cared for.

Dan Fisher reported for Shane Johnson on the Arts Council. The Arts Council will be performing Clue on the 19-21st of November at the Middle School. Watch for further details.

Quin Pope had nothing further to report but was asked if Muley Foundation or Friends of NRA were planning on their fundraiser banquets next year. Pope reported Muley Foundation is still making plans, but at this time, Friends of NRA are planning on holding their event on Feb. 20, 2021, if the Coronavirus does not interfere with plans. There is also some discussion on the recent grant received by Bear Lake Rifleman for the gun range. Pope felt there might be other grants awarded to the project as well.

Rick Roberts was asked about the World War II monument located at the old City Hall. The monument is being relocated to the War Mother’s Park between Eleventh and Twelfth Street. The base will be installed this week.

With no further comments, the meeting was adjourned.

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