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Approval of the Bills

Councilmember Dan Fisher moved to approve and pay bills in the amount of $41,893.27, with $28,833.65 being payroll and $13,005.62 being miscellaneous bills. Councilmember Bobb Leonhardt seconded. The voting was unanimous in the affirmative.

Steve Sparks – Beautification

Steve Sparks, along with several of his neighbors, was present to discuss the travel trailers that are used as residences around the city. He is aware that this is against the city code and there are several areas where this has become a problem. He would like to know who is supposed to enforce this code and why nothing has been done about cleaning this problem up and also cleaning up the junk in his neighborhood.

Mayor Ted Slivinski stated that the city is aware of the problem and is working towards a solution. The current ordinance does not specify a penalty for the infraction so Chief Blake Wells has contacted the city attorney about revising the ordinance so that it can be enforced.

There was discussion among the councilmembers and citizens about the ordinance and what it would take to fix it. They also stated they would like to see the ordinance enforced in a timely manner. Mayor Slivinski assured them that the councilmembers, the police, and the city attorney are aware of the problem and are doing there best to remedy it.

Steve Sparks- Water hookup outside the city limits

Steve Sparks informed the Councilmembers and Mayor that he was asking, once again, to be able to hook his property up to city water. He has been denied at a previous council meeting because his property is outside the city limits.

Mayor Slivinski told Mr. Sparks that it was by ordinance that the city is no longer allowing hookups outside the city limits unless there is a definite benefit to the city established and in this case one has not been established.

Councilmember Dan Fisher moved to deny Steve Sparks permission to hookup to the city water since his property is outside city limits. Councilmember Quin Pope seconded. The voting was unanimous in the affirmative.

Mayor Ted Slivinski asked for a short recess.

Ivan Leonhardt – Request to Vacate

Ivan Leonhardt was present to request the city to vacate a piece of land that his business sits on. Mr. Leonhardt visited with the assessor’s department at Bear Lake County and found that a road was platted down the middle of his property and goes right through his warehouse. The road was platted with a subdivision years ago that was never developed. Mr. Leonhardt would like the city to vacate but know that the city would keep a sewer easement on that property.

There was discussion among the councilmembers, and it was decided that we need to contact our city attorney to know the correct procedure. It was discussed that the other adjacent landowners probably should be notified to hear what they have to say about it and how it would impact their parcels of land.

There was not a quorum to vote on this matter since Bobbi Leonhardt has to recuse herself because it is her father’s land and businesses.

The city will contact the attorney and proceed with the correct steps that need to be taken.

Brett Kunz – ICRMP

Brett Kunz was not in attendance, so this item was tabled.

Councilmember Dan Fisher moved to table this item indefinitely. Councilmember Bobbi Leonhardt seconded. The voting was unanimous in the affirmative.

Resort City – Ordinance 594

Mayor Ted Slivinski furnished each councilmember with a copy of Ordinance 594, declaring Montpelier a Resort City. This has been discussed in previous meetings and it was not known that this ordinance had already been passed. This ordinance enables the city to bring a hotel/motel tax to the ballot for the people of Montpelier to vote on.

There was discussion among the Councilmembers and the Mayor, and it was decided that it would be best to do a vote in the November election. Waiting until November would give them time to decide the direction they want to go and to get a short-term rental ordinance in place.

Clerk Leslie Tueller was asked to put this on the next agenda as an action item.

Councilmember Bobbi Leonhardt moved to table this and put it on the next agenda for an action item. Councilmember Brady Shultis seconded. The voting was unanimous in the affirmative.

Dan Fisher

Councilmember Dan Fisher reported on the level of output dollars for labor costs from the statistics he obtained at the Bear Lake Regional Commission Meeting.

Quin Pope

Councilmember Quin Pope reported the Muley Fanatic Banquet was a huge success and they had the best turnout ever.

Planning and Zoning Chairman, Bob Ochsenbein, was present to ask for guidance from the Mayor and Council. There was discussion among the Councilmembers, Mayor and Mr. Ochsenbein about his role as the P & Z Chairman. He asked about the open meeting laws and Clerk Leslie Tueller will get him a copy of the manual.

Mayor Ted Slivinski adjourned until the next regularly scheduled meeting on June 15th at 7:30 pm.

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