Heritage Park

Artist rendition of Heritage Park

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Montpelier City Council held its regular meeting on Oct. 20. Mayor Sharp and Shane Johnson were absent. Dan Fisher, Council Chairman, conducted the meeting. After the regular business of the meeting, the Council heard agenda items.

The Council heard from Austin Budge on the progress of possible artwork for Heritage Park. Budge and the Council discussed several possible presentations of the art. Budge provided the Council with some samples of the work.

The agenda item for Short-term rentals was tabled as Mayor Sharp is making changes to the proposed ordinance.

Jaron Anderson from Myers and Anderson gave an update to the Downtown Revitalization Grant. The firm hopes bids can be let the first of the year and the work done as soon as possible in the spring. Anderson reported that they would be sunshades over the park to help provide shade. The stage area will also provide shade for park visitors when not being used for events. The Shades will have varying heights for interest.

Anderson provided the Council art renderings of the park. New trees are expected to be planted along Washington Street and possible planters. Pavers area will be refurbished where it is needed.

The next agenda item was a presentation from Police Chief Blake Wells. He proposes to obtain an integrated body camera system that will work with the current camera system in the patrol vehicles. The plan would be an asset for the City, according to Wells. The cameras and software will cost Twenty-one Thousand dollars.

City Clerk Tuller stated that the system might qualify for ARPA money. The Council asked Wells to let the Clerk find out if this would be possible. The item was tabled until the next meeting.

Fisher polled the Council for comments or concerns.

Steve Allred requested a Chamber update from Michelle Higley, Chamber President. The Chamber is planning on, in conjunction with the free movie at the Centre Theater on Nov. 26, having Santa be available for the children until time for the tree lighting at dusk. More details will be coming in the next few weeks.

Bobbi Leonhardt had nothing to report but reminded the Council that if anyone they know has old meat to get rid of, Animals Need Help would appreciate the donations. ANH is also looking for foster homes for animals.

Quin Pope reported that the Oregon Trail Center did as well this year as last year. He was asked about the Friends of NRA banquet and Muley Foundation banquets in 2022. Pope thought both events would be happening.

Ted Slivinski had Katie Alleman report on the Parks and Rec program. Alleman said that little girls’ volleyball and flag football programs were done, and third and fourth grade Boys basketball and fifth and sixth girls ball would start in Nov. Alleman is still looking for possible coaches.

Not as many girls, as usual, were signing up because of a school program. If the girls don’t play city league, they can’t participate in the All-Stars competitions at the end.

Ryan Brock, a citizen, asked the Council what was needed to have the City write a letter approving a septic tank in an area where city sewer is unavailable. The Council could not decide as this was not on the agenda. It will be on the agenda at the next meeting.

Rick Roberts, City Supervisor, reported that they had an inspection on the sewer treatment system and a report is expected soon.

Roberts also said the new Christmas decorations should arrive before the end of the month.

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